How To Fix ‘Windows has Detected an IP Address Conflict’ Error


Every computer has a niche IP address through which a person’s device could be identified when connected to a particular network. The IP address is created in such a way that it can help the network identify and differentiate between devices.

In case a person encounters “Windows has detected an IP address conflict error”, it simply states that your IP address is being utilised by some other device within the network. One should keep in mind that all IP addresses are distinct or else one may experience few obstacles.

For instance, when someone connects three devices: laptop, smartphone and tablet to a particular network it should automatically generate three IP addresses but sometimes two devices have the same IP address.

In such a circumstance the network is unable to detect the three different devices. This issue occurs either in your router or your PC settings.

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How to Fix ‘Windows has detected an IP address conflict’ Error?

In case you experience something like this get rid of it as soon as possible as this may create hurdles in your network. To do so follow the guide listed below accordingly The problem with regards to conflicting IP address could be solved using different strategies.

Some of which are quite complex others being a bit simpler, the list can just go on. The guide below follows the order from simple to complex so do try the order as it is.

In case the simple solutions do not work for you, keep calm and  then follow the complex alternatives accurately.

Method 1: Restart Your Router

To allot distinct IP address to various devices when connected to a network is the sole duty of the router. In case the router fails to do its job then “Windows has detected an IP address conflict error” can occur.

To solve this problem follow the steps listed below

Step 1:- to turn of the router tap on the power button. This should shut down your router which indicates that the internet facility is temporarily closed.

Step 2:- now your job is to wait for 5-10 mins to shut down your router and the network completely.

Step 3:- finally switch on your router again.

Since all devices were disconnected one may have to connect all the devices again, do so and check whether the problem still persists.

Method 2: Update Your Network Card Driver

One should regularly update their network card driver, an outdated and old version of your card driver can create hindrance  in the network and create multiple issues. To update your network card follow the methods listed below

Under this procedure the user would be using integrated device manager to enable the updated version

Step 1:- tap on Windows + R keys to open Run application

Step 2 :- now type devmgmt.msc and tap on OK option to launch device manager

Step 3:- click on the arrow icon to extend network adapters option.

Step 4:- right click to select update driver

Step 5:- tap on Search automatically for updated driver software.

Step 6:- let windows find the update. This should update and install it automatically on your device.

Step 7:- final step would be to restart and check whether the problem is solved

Update your drivers with a third-party app

There are few third-party updater tools which include Driver Booster, DriverHub, or DriverPack Solution. These tools could be accessed easily and free of cost by the user.

There are many advanced tools too which you can find on different web pages that can help you get rid of the problem

One should note that one should always use a trusted application because many a times it is so soon that the application assures a user to solve the problem but fails to do so.

Sometimes they contain  malware, adware, or spyware. therefore be very careful do conduct a thorough research, read all the reviews before using the application.

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Trying all this methods efficiently and effectively should be able to solve your problem of Windows has detected an IP address conflict’ error.

In case the problem persists do try to figure out where you must have gone wrong by trying the above listed methods accurately.


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