20+ Best Sites Like ‘Animenova’ to Watch Anime Online


Animenova gives you complete access to all of your favourite anime shows whenever and wherever you want. By browsing the collection of anime, you can find your preferred series to watch. All you need is a reliable and fast internet connection.

Animenova Alternatives: The Best Places to Watch Anime on the Web

Copyright difficulties or a temporary server outage have recently prevented the website from functioning. But don’t be alarmed! You won’t have to miss out on any of your favourite shows, because we’ve compiled a list of alternatives to Animenova in this article.


They’re all down there!

1. MyMangaList

MyAnimeList has a good selection of animes and provides details about the shows, such as characters, voice actors, and so on.

Additionally, there is a part of blog pieces on the animes that can be found on the site. Manga (Japanese Comics and Graphic Novels) may also be found on MyAnimeList, so be sure to check that out as well!

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2. 9Anime

9Anime has a search bar that you can use to find your favourite anime whenever you want. You can browse through the site’s various genres to find the anime you’re looking for.

Anime fans can also catch up on the show’s current season. 9Anime’s sophisticated filter is one of its best features. For a more granular level of control, you can narrow down your results using the advanced filter.

3. KissAnime

As one of the greatest Animenova replacements, KissAnime features a vast library of animes of numerous genres, including action, adventure, cartoons and demons.

You may watch your favourite anime for free by searching for its name alphabetically or by typing in its name directly into the search box.

4. GoGoAnime

For those looking for an alternative to Animenova, GOGOAnime is an excellent source for English-dubbed anime. GOGOAnime provides a brief synopsis of each anime.

Including information on the show’s genre, runtime, critic ratings, and production values. Other users’ decision-making will be aided by your ratings on the anime page.

5. AnimeFreak

Animefreak lets you watch free anime online thanks to its attractive and eye-catching animation pages.

Subbed and dubbed anime are available. If you become distracted and can’t finish an episode, you can add it to your watchlist so that you can watch it later. Isn’t it wonderful?

6. AnimeDoor

There’s no better place to enter the world of anime than Anime Door. As a result, it has a wide variety of animes, ranging from the newest and most popular to the oldest and most obscure.

You only need to select the anime you want to watch from the appropriate category, and then you can sit back and enjoy the show!

7. AnimeLab

All of AnimeLab’s most popular and recent anime can be accessed through this service. It works with a wide range of devices.

It includes Xbox One, PlayStation, Telstra TV, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iPad and iPod touch, Apple iPhone, and PC.

8. AnimeSeason

Animeseason, one of the greatest Animenova substitutes, lets you watch all of the seasons of your favourite anime! You can use the anime list to find what you’re looking for. Or you can use the anime list’s alphabetical search to find a specific title.

It has a wide variety of anime, including action, adventure, science fiction, humour, and history.

9. Kaizoku

Anime Kaizoku, a free anime download site, features a wide variety of animes to choose from. You’ll find a brief but informative synopsis of each anime on the download page. If you’re looking for a specific anime to download, you can either use the search bar on the website or go through the various categories.

10. ChiaAnime

Chia Anime regularly updates its collection of anime and cartoons. A large number of servers ensures that each anime may be streamed at any time and is always available. The best thing is that it gives you access to free anime!

11. Crunchyroll

In terms of functionality and features, Crunchyroll is the finest place to go to watch anime. It offers the ability to watch anime online for free.

It has a variety of premium membership options in addition to the free one. On Crunchyroll, you may watch anime such as Food Wars (2015), Death Note (2006), Attack on Titan (2013), and Naruto (2002).

12. Funimation

Funimation is the best place to watch high-definition anime in English dub. Additionally, it offers a two-week free trial. Some of the anime accessible on Funimation include My Hero Academia, Drifters, and Fairy Tail.

13. Masterani

Masterani has a database of must-watch animes that you should not miss thanks to its dynamic interface and wide range of animes from different genres. Masterani features a variety of anime shows, including ID: Invaded, Pokémon (2019), Hentatsu, Black Clover, The Daily Life of the Immortal King.

14. AnimeHeaven

In fact, AnimeHeaven boasts one of the most unusual interfaces of all the anime sites out there. Every anime page has an episode list that lets you browse through them interactively. Anime videos can also be saved for later viewing by simply copying the URL links to them.

15. AnimeLand

Watching anime, particularly those with English subtitles, has never been easier than it is with AnimeLand. AnimeLand offers a wide range of titles, including Mysteria Friends, Virtualsan-Looking, and Dragon Quest.

16. Viewster

A video-on-demand service that was created in 2007 is basically what it is. Zurich, Switzerland, serves as the company’s headquarters. Free and commercial-supported TV series and movies can be found on the site. While Viewster isn’t known for anime.

It nonetheless has a large selection of recent releases in a variety of genres. A fantastic anime-watching experience is provided to you for free!

17. AnimeTosho 

Anime Tosho provides a catalogue of animes that you can choose from. Use the search box provided to find the anime of your choosing and then download it. AniDex, TokyoTosho, and HorribleSub releases are all mirrored on this site for no additional charge.

18. RamdomAnime

Random Anime does not host any animes on its site, but it does provide you with links to other sites where you can watch animes.

An excellent collection of anime lists with trailers and descriptions, as well as other relevant information, can be found on this website.

20. SoulAnime

Almost every anime may be found on the list at Soul Anime! A decent number of anime films can also be found here. New Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball Heroes, Black Clover, and more can be found on Soul Anime’s streaming service.

Details About the Animenova Website:

Introduction to Animenova

Animenova is an online platform dedicated to anime, offering a vast selection of anime series, movies, and OVAs (Original Video Animations).

It caters to a wide range of anime fans, from those seeking classic titles to others interested in the latest releases. Animenova’s focus on this specific genre makes it a niche yet significant player in the streaming world.

Understanding the Animenova Platform

Animenova is designed with the anime viewer in mind, featuring an interface that’s both intuitive and user-friendly. The site organizes its content effectively, allowing users to search for titles by genre, release date, or popularity, making it easy to find both well-known and obscure anime.

Key Features of Animenova

  1. Extensive Anime Library: Animenova boasts a diverse collection of anime titles, including series, movies, and OVAs.
  2. Regular Updates: The platform is known for its timely updates, adding new episodes and series frequently.
  3. Subtitle and Dub Options: Catering to a global audience, Animenova offers many titles in both subtitled and dubbed formats.
  4. Community Features: Users can rate and comment on shows, fostering a community of anime enthusiasts.

User Experience and Accessibility

Animenova’s user experience is one of its standout aspects. The platform is accessible on various devices, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite anime on PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Legal and Safety Considerations of Using Animenova

The legality and safety of using sites like Animenova are critical points to consider. The legal implications of streaming from such sites can vary depending on the user’s location and the website’s adherence to copyright laws.

Security Measures for Users

For those accessing Animenova, employing security measures such as VPNs and reliable antivirus software is advisable to protect personal information and enhance online privacy.

Comparing Animenova with Other Streaming Services

Animenova offers a different experience compared to broader streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. While these services may offer a selection of anime, Animenova specializes in this genre, providing a more extensive and varied collection.

Pros and Cons of Animenova


  • A vast selection of anime titles, including series, movies, and OVAs.
  • Options for both subtitled and dubbed content.
  • User-friendly interface with community engagement features.


  • Potential legal and safety risks.
  • Ads and pop-ups can hinder the viewing experience.
  • Limited availability of certain titles compared to licensed platforms.

Impact of Animenova on the Anime Industry

Animenova plays a significant role in the global spread and accessibility of anime. While it offers an extensive library, it also raises questions about the sustainability of the anime industry and copyright concerns.

Future Trends and Implications

The popularity of platforms like Animenova reflects the growing international interest in anime. It highlights the need for the anime industry to adapt to digital trends and find innovative ways to distribute content globally.

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All of the greatest alternatives to Animenova that can be found on the internet have been listed here. Although most of these sites aren’t authorised to distribute streaming video without owning the copyright for it, you can access these free Anime streams online anyway you want them to.

With any luck, you’ll find something of value in this article!


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