10 Best JustDubs Alternatives In 2023


If you’re new to anime world, looking for some of the best sites to find the best quality anime series and comic content, then “JustDubs” is a perfect place for you. The website is becoming a leading website in providing the best anime content all over the world.

The website offers content which are original as well as dubbed and subbed in English.

People who don’t know Japanese can also make use this website. You can easily watch manga, anime, comics, upcoming series plot etc. The website frequently updates its users with the upcoming new features and series coming up on the website.


But there may be a possibility that the website may not be working in a particular country or location.

10 Best JustDubs Alternatives In 2023

In that scenario, people prefer looking up alternatives available for streaming quality content. Here, we have listed some of the best alternatives for JustDubs that offers quality content to its users. The top ten best-rated alternatives are,

1. KissAnime

Anyone who likes streaming anime must have heard about the name KissAnime. It is one of the favourite spots for streaming unlimited anime movies and series without having to pay a penny.

It is considered a premium site for streaming dubbed and subbed anime. Being, the most popular option, the site is considered an excellent alternative to JustDubs.The quality of anime here is of 4K quality. Its layout is quite simple and elegant.

The anime shows and series are well organised into different categories. Having a dark-themed site with a very meagre amount of ad posts and popups makes it an ideal choice for anime freaks for streaming.

The performance of the servers used here is of superb quality. Users can easily find classic manga to latest and newly released anime shows quite easily here.

They can also explore anime based on their genre or by directly searching them from search box. Though, most of the content here are subbed, but they don’t delay much in providing dubbed episodes.

It also lets users to download series and watch them later. The website also has certain mirror sites available. In case if the official site is not working, you may try other sites.

2. AnimeStreams

AnimeStreams has immense content to engage you in binge-watching your favorite anime shows all night. With over 10000 shows and movies to choose from, you’ll love to visit this site.

Though its interface is not very smooth, it never fails to entertain its users with quality content. Users can easily find the latest dubbed series on this website. It has some of the exclusive collections of classic 90s anime that you’ll love to stream.

The website may trouble you with ad posts and pop-ups, in that case, you may enable the ad blocker or turn down the cookies. Apart from anime related content, the website is also quite good enough in providing Hollywood movies and series.

Everything is generalized into various sections and categories. You may sort the list accordingly and start streaming your preferred content.

3. AnimeUltima

AnimeUltima is yet another awesome choice when it comes to streaming unlimited anime without a fuss. The site content, quality, and interface are of excellent quality. The website has some popular series like Pokémon, Naruto, Beyblade, Digimon, etc. All the anime series are dubbed as well. The domain may be slightly changed by a redirection in various countries.

The ad-post do not bother you much and hence you can watch unlimited shows without disturbance.You may try turning down the cookies if they bother. The website also has its community forum where anime freaks around the discussion theories and upcoming twists in the anime coming up. To access it, you have to register first.

You can also become a part of the AnimeUltima team for providing them with the content for anime and manga. Users may also explore the content library of the website or can directly search for their favorite shows from the search bar.

4. AnimeLand

This is yet another great alternative to JustDubs with some of the best collections of anime movies available on its server for the viewers. It also has an integrated media player that lets you stream anime without a fuss. The audio and video quality is incredible. The website can be easily accessed on PCs as well as on mobiles as well. The content collection is awesome here.

You can easily find the content you’re searching for. All you need to do is to open the website on your browser and start streaming. It has a search box as well as a custom library where you can find your anime. You should definitely give this website a shot, you are looking for an excellent website for streaming.

5. AnimeHeroes

The site is best known for its ability to produce high-definition anime shows and series with ad-free streaming.  The site has a cool interface. But many users complain that the previous site had a better interface than the new one.

With a huge collection of anime series available, the website is trying to compete with KissAnime by diversifying its content. Popular anime like Naruto and Buroto are available here.

You can easily find your preferred anime from the search box. You may live to explore the library which has some of the magnificent collections of shows available. The library can be sort by genres, release dates, ratings, etc. The website runs best on PCs.

6. CrunchyRoll

CrunchyRoll is also very efficient in providing anime-related stuff and information about them to the users. The website is getting a huge endorsement and support from the manga industry.

CrunchyRoll is in great demand. The website not only offers anime series and movies, but it also has a good collection of manga available on its server.

You may try accessing premium services that are free for some exclusive group of users.You can download the content as well. The website also has a news and community portal, where users can get an insight about the upcoming series coming up on the website.

Users can also subscribe to its newsletter service which provides information related to anime on your email. The website is compatible with all types of devices from Apple TV to Amazon Fire TV.

7. Animeheaven

Just like any other alternative, a website is also a great option for accessing anime content with a diverse collection of anime provided by its server. All the features and services are excellent here.

Users can easily watch their favorite series at a stretch without getting tired. The website functions properly with both PC and laptop. Users can also watch their content from their mirror sites with an integrated media player.

8. YouTube

YouTube has all types of content to offer free of cost. The platform also has someplace for anime as well. Although such content is limited here, but the services provided by them is ideal and incredible.

Due to copyright infringement, anime-related content gets down here, hence the website couldn’t provide exotic and exclusive content here. But is definitely a perfect place for watching any type of content.

9. Netflix

Netflix is also a storehouse of content. You can find almost all types of content here. Some of the popular anime like Death Note and Naruto are available here.

Content from the USA, UK, Korea, Germany and Italy are available here. However, the platform is not free. You have to buy the subscription in order to view and watch the content.

10. AnimeRebel

The website also produces a great variety of shows on its server. Some of the popular, as well as exclusive and uncensored episodes, are also available. The website is easily accessible. If you want to read more about it, you can view its FAQ section. Overall, it’s a great place for anime freaks.


The search for anime sites are over now. With these website you can access a great variety of content. You can easily watch the content you were looking for. All you need to do is to select one out of these or try all for a better experience. All the websites are authentic.


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