10 Best Things To Do In Auckland


Auckland, the heart of New Zealand, is a thriving metropolis and economic heart of the country. Auckland is also known as the “City of Sails” because of its location between the Tasman Sea and Hauraki Gulf, thus having access to water.

The city is also the point of arrival for many visitors to New Zealand, and for many destinations, to indulge oneself in charismatic views and thrilling adventures of the city.

10 Best Things To Do In Auckland

If you are planning to travel to Auckland for an amazing adventure, then you can go with the following recommendations.

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1. Sky Tower Auckland

The soaring 328 meters needle-like Sky tower is the key highlight of Auckland city which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Apart from being the highest building in New Zealand, it provides some of the most unforgettable views and breath-taking experiences.

The tower marvels at offering perfect city panorama from its observation deck at the top floor, to reach there the ride in a glass elevator with a mesmerizing view is also an amazing experience in itself.

Apart from the views the Sky tower also offers some of the most thrilling opportunities ranging from a Sky Walk platform’s walk present around the tower’s pergola to jumping off on the Sky Jump Platform.

It also has many award-winning restaurants, bars, cafes, and a world-class Sky city Casino. For the best view make sure to take the time to glimpse at the tower at night-time when it is lit up.

2. Waitemata Harbour

Waitemata Harbour is the gateway into Auckland with beautiful views, calm clear blue water, and many more unforgettable endeavors. The Harbour is Auckland’s most prominent natural feature that divides the city into two.

It is easily navigable and thus is New Zealand’s economic powerhouse. Quay Street running parallel to the harbour with access to Princes Wharf is popular among explorers.

Amazing long strolls along the harbour with a variety of restaurants and cafes with numerous shopping opportunities make it a lovely outing destination with loved ones.

3. Auckland Harbour Bridge Adventures

Built-in 1959, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is 43 meters high and more than 1 kilometer long dominating the central harbour. It acts as the connecting point between downtown Auckland and northern districts.

The bridge is the most famous for bungee jumping, an experience of a lifetime that includes traversing bridge walk before plunging 40 meters to the harbour below.

It also offers a guided bridge climb which is full of incredible views and beautiful sightseeing experiences.

4. Auckland War Memorial Museum

The museum building is one of the most iconic buildings of Auckland, constructed in neo-classicist style, sitting on the remains of a dormant volcano. It dates back to 1929, erected in the memory of New Zealand soldiers who fought in World War I.

The museum holds impressive collections ranging from Polynesian settler’s artefacts to present-day artefacts.

One of the special features is Main Maori Galleries hosting artistry of Maori ancestry, including 12 to 14th-century old Maori gateway, a meeting house which is richly decorated, and a 19th century 25-meter long canoe used by Maori warriors to sail into Manukau harbour.

The Natural history collection on the first floor is equally fun to watch with a special featuring of the reconstructed structure of the giant moa bird which is extinct now. The War Memorial on the top floor showcases the involvement of New Zealand in world history.

Guided tours, lectures, and workshops are also available in the museum which are very insightful.

5. One Tree Hill

The One tree hill is a 182-meter high hill situated in Cornwall Park sprawled with beautiful flower beds and series of trees standing amid the walking trails. The hill has a volcanic cone which is considered by many Aucklanders as the Symbol of the city.

An obelisk is built at the top of the hill which is over the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell, who gifted this area to Auckland to make it a city park.

The hill summit offers a fantastic view of the city and is also popular for its calm weather. Apart from the view it also has a planetarium and two telescopes in its Stardome Observatory which is also very enticing.

6. Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island is the most popular among Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf Island. The island’s villages have amazing art galleries and many café cultures. A variety of hiking and trailing opportunities are present along with the coastline and island interiors.

The Church Bay Circuit is the most popular 3-hour hiking with spectacular views. Atony Batter Historic Reserve an underground tunnel system carved out in World War II is also a must-watch special for history lovers.

Many good accommodation facilities are also present here with beachside cottage rentals and bed& breakfast being most popular.

7. Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Islands

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park has a plethora of wonderful Islands that showcases the natural diversity and vividness of Auckland. The most famous Great Barrier Island is a must-visit for nature lovers.

With the most beautiful views, it holds many wonderful experiences such as camping, hiking, sea kayaking, and mountain biking. Rangitoto Island is famous for being home to the world’s largest forest of pohutukawa trees.

Hikers walk enthusiastically to reach its summit and enjoy a breathtaking view across the Hauraki Gulf. Tiritiri Matangi Island is one the most important wildlife sanctuary of new Zealand that protects the most endangered birdlife of the country.

The island is famous especially among bird watchers that come here to spot blue penguins, kiwi, takahe, and brown teal. Along with sightseeing other fun activities includes fishing, cruising, sailing, and other water activities.

8. East Coast Beaches

Auckland’s east coast has some of the extremely beautiful forest-rimmed beaches famous for top swimming and sun-bathing spots, especially during summers. Near Rangitoto Island lies the most popular beach the Takapuna Beach famous for its finest sandy strips of Auckland.

Near its proximity also lies the Milford beach and Cheltenham beach which offers peaceful sightseeing because of less crowd. To the southeast lies Maraetai Beach which is a beautiful destination for peaceful picnics and amazing walks, its calm water provides safe swimming even for kids.

9. Auckland Zoo

Established in 1922, Auckland Zoo a 17-hectare zoological garden situated in Western Springs neighborhood is home to the largest collection of exotic and native wildlife in New Zealand featuring more than 130 species.

For a Family picnic, this is a loved attraction, and animals such as Fur seals, lions, brown kiwis, meerkats, wallabies are special attraction among kids.

The zoo takes into account all the people-friendly facilities and at the same time also takes care of the animals with best efforts such as providing them with plenty of space for roaming.

Some of the main highlights include an after-dark safari, wild photography, and picnics. For kids, junior zookeeper programs and Rainbow’s End theme park is a unique, fun experience to learn and enjoy.

10. Howick Historical Village

Located in the suburb of Pakuranga in Auckland, this village is a must-visit for those people who are interested in the history of New Zealand’s colonial past. This living village museum opened in 1980 is a marvelous recreation of a colonial village using a number of historical buildings.

The village is open to the public on all days, and on the third Sunday of every month, costumed volunteers demonstrate the daily life of New Zealand’s Victorian times.

The prominent attractions of this village are guided tours, a picnic in heritage gardens, and a joyful wagon ride around the village. Also, visit gift shops stocked with new Zealand-made homeware, jewelry, books, candles, and old fashioned sweets.

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Auckland is full of nature and wilderness with incredible scenery and thrilling outdoorsy adventures. It holds many experiences for all types of travellers ranging from nature lovers to history lovers, it offers breath-taking experiences with its bungee jumping and long hiking, delightful cuisine, and shopping in the city all is worth the popularity of the city.


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