10 Awesome Things to do in Christchurch


Christchurch is an amazingly beautiful city on the south island of New Zealand, offering the best class opportunities for adventurers and thrill-seekers.

The city is well known for its English heritage and awesome kiwi lifestyle. Arts, adventure, and nature fits in complete harmony in the city and awaits the visitors to unfold one of the best lifetime experience.

Christchurch is perfection when it comes to mesmerizing travelers who have the spirit of adventure running through their veins.

From a pleasant walk along the beach to the most exciting activities such as skiing and bungee jumping captivates the visitors of New Zealand to spend some time here.

10 Things to Do in ChristChurch

There are many thrilling activities which can be enjoyed in Christchurch of New Zealand. Below are the selected ten awesome things to do that should be on the priority list to explore Christchurch to its fullest.

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1. Do a Walking Tour with the Legends at Green Kiwi Tours

Green Kiwi Tour is a locally owned company run by Simon Bowie, providing a comprehensive tour of Christchurch city and showcasing the best of the city.

To get the most out of any destination travel, a tour of the place with the locals is the best bet. The Green Kiwi Tour provides this opportunity to experience the city closely through the lens of its people, to listen to numerous legends, and to hit the less-traveled tracks.

The tour is approx. two hours of walk around the garden city, and the tour can also be customized along the length and time.

During summertime, this tour is provided for free and with the generous tip at the end, it’s a win-win for both the traveler and the tour guide.

2. Go Hiking at Godley Head

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Christchurch and there are many great hiking tracks here. Godley Head is one such famous hiking track with lots of attractions and spectacular views of the city.

The Godley Head hiking track showcases the natural beauty of New Zealand at its best and also entertain with lots of historical significance and tales.

This famous hiking track was an important coastal defense during World War 2, which makes it an attraction among history buffs.

The famous attraction Taylors Mistake Beach is the start point of this astounding trail, followed by wonderful views of Christchurch city and one may also see beautiful creatures from the track like penguins, dolphins or even whales.

The track is really amazing with lots of experiences and should be on the must-to-do list.

3. Go Skydiving

In Christchurch, sky diving is very popular among adventurers who seek nothing less than a thrilling experience.

There are many opportunities in Christchurch to do sky diving, a whooping leap out of a plane from a height of 12,000 feet is guaranteed to keep your adrenaline rush for some time.

Sky diving is a very heart throbbing activity, but here no prior experience is necessary as the service providers take all measures to minimize the risk and an experienced instructor is always present with the adventurers.

So without any hesitation go for it and experience the most unforgettable moment of your life and enjoy the scenic beauty of the city while rushing down to the ground.

4. Visit The Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial

On 22 February 2011, a devastating earthquake take place in Christchurch and took the life of 185 people, injured many, and left numerous people without homes.

The Canterbury Earthquake National Memorial was established to pay respect to those people who lost their lives or were impacted because of this tragedy, and people visit there to honor their memory.

The walls in the memorial contain names of those who lost their lives and were seriously injured from the earthquake.

There are 185 white empty chairs in the memorial symbolizing those who died in this tragedy.

For the travelers and visitors of Christchurch, this place is must visit to pray for those who lost in the calamity.

5. Go Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping a crazy activity where a person is tied up by a giant elastic band and will be made to jump off of something high. It Sounds Scary and risky but it is one of the most adventurous things to do in Christchurch.

Bungee Jumping shares a long history with New Zealand and have pioneered this activity with big enthusiasm and support of locals and visitor of the country. This makes it a perfect venue to try it out and enjoy the thrill.

The nearby town of Christchurch, Town of Hanmer Spring is very popular for bungee jumping. Here a 35-meter leap is taken from the historic Ferry Bridge which makes it really amazing.

Bungee jumping is really popular here among the visitors and they await passionately for their turn to experience a lifetime adventure.

With an additional charge, photographs can be taken by professionals that will capture the essence of lifelong experience.

6. Visit Summer Beach

To experience a kiwi style weekend, grab a bus seat or drive on to the Summer Beach of Christchurch which is one of the most beautiful suburbs of the city.

Explore the caves and archways or just relax and tan under the sun, take a stroll on the beach and grab fish and chips; the perfect kiwi style weekend.

This beach is a perfect place for a family picnic or a beach party with peers. The shining sun and beautifully rising and falling waves will release all the tension for some time, which makes it so popular among kiwis and travelers.

7. Go to the Air Force Museum of New Zealand

Air Force Museum at Wigram in Christchurch is an amazing place to visit for plane enthusiasts and children. A range of awesome planes are displayed in the museum and interesting stories about great men and women who contributed to shaping the military aviation journey of New Zealand are reflected in his place.

For children, another highlight is their gifts shop where a diverse collection of plane themed toys are available that holds a special place in a child’s heart.

8. Grab Some Cheap Eats

Christchurch is an amazing place to grab some cheap eats and enjoy the city while exploring. The city is filled with a variety of authentic kiwi-style food stalls, the prices are really low and one can get a bigger portion while spending less.

Apart from cheap stalls many big restaurants from time to time also offer a lot of amazing deals and discounts, especially for tourists. The City offers food of all tastes and is a perfect spot to spend time with loved ones around delicious food.

9. Catch a Free Festival

Christchurch holds many festivals from time to time and people here take every event with full zeal and enthusiasm making each festival mesmerizingly gorgeous. In the month of January, World Buskers Festivals is celebrated which is one of the most popular festivals among the people of Christchurch.

Many events are held throughout the month and people come out of their home to celebrate it with full passion. There are no fees whatsoever to become a part of these festivals, thus it is a perfect opportunity to experience the culture very closely.

10. Take a Trip to Akaroa

Akaroa is a gorgeous town near Christchurch famous for its French-style aesthetics. The town was settled by French people in the 19th century and till today the vibes it has given a French touch.

The beautiful town has numerous streets with French-style bakery names and the ambiance of the town is highly inspired by French culture.

The town offers many cheap and affordable options to eat and shop, much night out options are also available with reasonable pricing. The town is a great opportunity to take a fun trip with the family or peers and explore.

This is a great place to indulge in a unique mixed culture of kiwi and French which is an amazing experience in itself.

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Christchurch is jam-packed with lots of surprises and wilderness with mesmerizing scenery and exciting outdoorsy activities. It holds many experiences for all types of travelers ranging from relaxing walks to breath-taking bungee jumping experiences.

Visit Christchurch and explore the amazing culture and gaze on to the natural beauty of the city making it one of the best experiences of the tour.


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