11 Things to Do in Wellington


Wellington the capital city of New Zealand is full of exciting places to visit and fun things to do. It is the southernmost capital city in the world and holds lots of experiences unique to it.

The city is famous for its vibrant and colorful culture, great food, craft beer, coffee, and fun events. The city showcases the perfect harmony between nature and humans with its amazingly crafted streets and spots.

The places that it holds are amazing and filled with an unforgettable unique cultural mix that cannot be experienced anywhere else. It is a great place to be in everyone’s travel bucket and explore.

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11 Things to Do in Wellington That You Can’t-Miss

Plenty of memorable adventures and cool activities await you in Wellington and with so many great options it is hard to choose from. So for the convenience of travelers, the following list is made that will sort out a great plan for a trip to Wellington. So, here are eleven things to do in Wellington whenever you go on your next trip!

1. Brunch at Preservatorium Café

A delightful brunch before exploring the wonderful city is a perfect start and Wellington’s famous café the Preservatorium is the best place to be.

The café is a trustworthy name among gourmet-loving locals and visitors, and it stands firm to the expectations. Try the popular kiwi-style brunch i.e. eggs, toast, and beans, and their perfectly brewed coffee.

The ambiance is also to look out for, it is the perfect venue to spend quality time with loved ones. The vintage décor makes it an exciting place and the prices here are very reasonable too.

The café is very popular for holding birthday parties and any such events. For having the authentic taste of New Zealand in a peaceful vintage vibe this café is a must go to.

2. Mount Victoria Lookout

Mount Victoria is a perfect place to stop by in Wellington and have an impressive view of the wharf and the beautiful city below.

This 196 meters high hill is popular among travelers and visitors for the breathtaking views of the bay and the sea which is between New Zealand and Antarctica. For locals, it is a great place for jogging and mountain biking, and many legends have are also associated with this place that is really interesting to listen to.

For reaching Mount Victoria there are two options, either go walking to the viewpoint or drive to the car park, both options are distinctly wondrous and exciting.

At the relaxing spot, you can enjoy some peaceful time with family and loved ones and chill in nature’s calming breeze.

3. Take a Walk Down Cuba Street

Cuba Street the center of Wellington’s unique culture is a prominent street of the city, famous for its peculiar vintage shops, bars, cafes, and boutiques.

A stroll in the busy street is one of the unique experience of Wellington, the quirky bars, trendy shops, and fun restaurants are hard to resist.

For the best of this, visit Cuba Street at night, the street becomes lively with bustling bars, crowded crossings, and pedestrians, night neon bulbs glowing, and live musical performance.

Cuba Street has no dearth of high as well as low pricing dine outs, perfect for both special eat-out as well as casual dinners. The street is filled with a unique cultural mix that pops out with harmony and homely feelings.

4. Go Craft Brewery Hopping

The craft brewery is another specialty of the Wellington city and that is the reason it is referred to as the “craft beer capital of New Zealand.”

There are roughly around 20 breweries that are in near proximity to one another, and one can also enjoy a DIY brewery hopping tour available here.

Top breweries of wellington to have a beer are:

1. Heyday Brewing Co- popular for its IPAs

2. Garage Project- loved by locals, displays local art, and have a large selection of brews to choose from

3. Black Dog Brewery- dogs friendly brewery with cozy vibes

4. The Occasional Brewer- where brewing own beer is allowed

5. Fortune Favors Beer- a perfect place to relax, eat some hotdogs and have a beer

Many other famous breweries are also present that can be stumbled upon while exploring the city.

5. Wellington Botanical Gardens

Another awesome venue to visit is Wellington Botanical Gardens, they are peaceful and have heavenly vibes.

The gardens are pruned to expertise, the native bushes surround the pathway and the wonderful greenhouses are amazing to watch.

The tour to botanical gardens is free and exciting, to reach here a fun ride through Iconic Wellington Cable Car is a fun adventure too.

The garden is a good place to get excellent photos and capture beautiful scenic beauty. A playful family picnic can also be done here and kids can also learn a lot about plants here.

The Gardens here are calm and peaceful, if one is looking for some solitude then it is a perfect place to visit.

6. Order an Original Flat White

Both Kiwis and Aussies have an outstanding debate on being the origin of flat white coffee. Kiwis says that this trendy coffee was accidentally invented when a barista named Fraser Mclnnes was making cappuccino but used low-fat milk which did not froth, this the optimistic barista gave the name flat white.

Although the Flat White is not unique but ordering from the claimed origin makes it quite special especially when the ambiance is memorable.

There are many cafes in the city that handle large numbers of customers and serves excellent coffees ranging from cappuccino to mocha, but flat white even though the simplest of all remains the most ordered caffeinated drink among the visitors.

7. Speakeasy Cocktails

For a part loving person Speakeasy bar is pure bliss, the cocktails are amazing and fun is guaranteed.

The bar is designed thoughtfully with lots of exciting artistic vibes and playful spaces inside the bar.

The special highlights here are bartenders that are no less than wizards, who whip up the cocktails excellently and on the basis of the flavor.

Many cocktail concoction ingredients are made in-house that gives them a unique taste and the atmosphere here is totally fun.

The Speakeasy Cocktails in Wellington is very popular among both the locals and visitors, along with the drink the fun vibe of the bars here make the experience more joyful.

8. Take a Self-Guided Walking Tour

An amazing way to explore the city is to take a self-guided walking tour of Wellington city, it is available on the Welly walks app.

There are a variety of tours to choose from, some popular ones are- craft beer walk, a delightful foodie trail, and a 12-kilometer walkway from city to Sea.

Each tour has a separate map with the marked route, and on reaching the destination a detailed description of the place that can be visited is also provided.

The Self-Guided Tour is best for exploring the city when there is lots of time on hand, it is also a great way to understand the unique culture of the city.

9. Hike the Paekakariki Escarpment Track

The Paekakariki Escarpment track is just a 30-minute drive from Wellington in the northward direction. The trail is actually part of New Zealand’s ultimate hiking trail-Te Araroa and it runs along the Kapiti Coasts hills.

The track is about 9 km that takes around 3-4 hours of walking. The track is full of steep drop-offs and steps that make it suited only for people with good fitness levels.

The special notice of the track is two swing bridges that span along small valleys and are perfect for great photos.

The track offers gorgeous views of Kapiti Island and during Southern Hemisphere spring months the track witnesses beautiful wildflowers along the trails too.

10. Explore the Putangirua Pinnacles

The stunning rock formation of Putangirua Pinnacles is a must-watch for nature lovers and for photogenic too.

The famous movie “ The Lord of the Rings” was filmed in this venue and thus the pinnacles of Putangirua gets lots of visitors.

The Putangirua Pinnacle is around a two-hour drive from the city, some good campgrounds are also available thus a night out here is a great idea.

11. Geek Out at the Weta Cave

The Weta Cave studio is very popular among film lovers and cool stuff collectors. Here authentic props, replicas, books, art prints, jewelry, apparel, gifts, and movie memorabilia are always on display.

The Weta Cave organizes free documentary watch of exclusive behind-the-scenes every 30 minutes and a free display of miniature props used by films in the mini-museum. A paid tour is also available that offers some exclusive arts and creations.

The studio is well famous for its creations used for “ The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, and is a must-go too for films buff.

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Wellington is full of wonders and exciting experiences with fascinating bars, cafes, and thrilling outdoorsy activities. It embraces many experiences for all types of travelers ranging from relaxing slumbers to breath-taking hiking experiences.


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