How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft

How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft

So, you’ve decided to prepare some beef. Check the ore for odour? To make a stone axe? In most cases, fuel is required whenever combustion is involved. Most of this material is coal, but what if you have an aversion to coal?

But what if you’ve never worked in mining before? You probably aren’t a “finite” kind of man, but let’s assume that for the sake of argument. You are partial to a little renewable action, to put it mildly. So, I’ve got just what you need, Charcoal.

How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal, what is it?

So, tell me, Charcoal, what is it? Well, there are a few reasons why this Minecraft feature is not as popular as others. One way to put it is as an option to using coal.

Coal was typically mined for use in fueling furnaces and producing torches. The usage of charcoal is an alternative. But the question remains, “How do you get it?” Okay, it’s not rocket science.

How To Make Charcoal in Minecraft?

Charcoal can be made by smelting any kind of wooden log in an oven or furnace. The discussion is over. But, hold on! As I hear you yell, “What shall I use to smelt the log?” I’m not particularly concerned. Something made of wood, like a sword, a stick, a piece of coal, or even many logs. Ultimately, it makes no difference. Insofar as you were able to smell it.

Charcoal can be used in place of Coal because its smelting time is 80 seconds, the same as Coal’s. Because of this, turning logs into charcoal is the most effective use of wood as a fuel source.

Although they serve similar purposes, Charcoal and Coal cannot be stacked with one another. Charcoal is like Coal for slackers. Charcoal can’t be turned into blocks, hence it can’t replace Coal in some applications.

Coal can be transformed into a Block of Coal, which not only lasts in a furnace for 800 seconds but also occupies more of the available storage space.

It’s more cost-effective to use blocks because this is equivalent to ten single-use Coals. To my knowledge, this is Coal’s single practical benefit.


That’s all there is to know about fuel planning! Vanilla The likelihood of running out of fuel is low in Minecraft, but if you never want to mine again and are interested in totally sustainable energy, a tree farm may be the best option for you.

Making a bunch of Stone or smelting a bunch of ores all at once using charcoal isn’t how I roll, but hey, whatever works for you. That being said, I hope today is fantastic for you.


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