How To Make Black Dye in Minecraft

How To Make Black Dye in Minecraft

Dyeing goods in Minecraft is a great way to switch up the look of your inventory if you’re becoming tired of the same old palette. There are a total of 16 different colours, each with its own unique set of requirements for obtaining it.

However, not everything can be personalised, and that’s something we’ll get into here, along with where to get it and how to utilise it.

How To Make Black Dye in Minecraft

Ingredients Needed for Black Dye Production

There are two different resources in Minecraft that can be used to create black dye:

Ink Sack

Finding a squid, killing it, and collecting the ink sac it drops is the standard approach. For this reason, it is necessary to locate the ocean biomes in which the squid dwell. The overworld ocean biome, however, has one of the highest odds of locating the squids, although this is not the case for all ocean biomes.

If you use a weapon with the looting enchantment, you can increase the number of ink sac pieces you get from killing a squid from 1 to 3.

Remember that their swift reflexes mean it may take some time to track them down and finish them off once you’ve hit one of them. Once they are dead, the ink sac will fall to the ground where you can pick it up at your convenience.

The Gathering of Wither Rose

However, we won’t suggest this approach because locating this flow is difficult and time-consuming. You’ll take damage if you get too close to this bloom and pick it.

Minecraft’s Use of Black Dye

  1. If you want the banner to be black, you can dye it that colour.
  2. Using the following method, you can colour a bed using black dye.
  3. Adding black dye to the sheep’s wool will also make it black.

Below are some of the many alternative applications for black dye:

  1. The collars of both wolves and cats can be dyed black with the use of the appropriate dye.
  2. Surfaces like terracotta, leather armour, and shulker boxes benefit from a black dye application.
  3. Used in a firework star, it produces a dark hue.


The game’s in-game currency, “dyes,” can be used to alter the hue of various blocks and tools. This article explains How To Make Black Dye in Minecraft and what you may do with it because their production processes are distinct.


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