How To Make a Lantern in Minecraft


In Minecraft, a lantern is a brick used as a source of light that may produce bright illumination. Lanterns can be hung from the ceiling or a chain for a more aesthetically pleasing look than torches. Let’s create a lantern together in Minecraft today!

Here the Guide: How To Make a Lantern in Minecraft?

1. Getting 8 Iron Nuggets

Using the crafting grid, you can transform iron ingots into iron nuggets. Nine iron nuggets are produced from each ingot. We don’t advise you smelt your iron tools and gear to get that one iron nugget, but you can if you really want to.

Trading gold ingots with the piglins is possible. They can drop anything from 10 to 36 iron nuggets for every gold ingot they bring down. But tread carefully across the Nether realm.

There are four types of buildings that have a chance to generate chests with iron nuggets: abandoned forts, settlements, broken portals, and sunken ships. Put the bastion out of your mind! This method is best used to locate iron nuggets in shipwrecks and abandoned gateways.

2. Acquire 1 Torch

A torch is a typical source of illumination in Minecraft that requires only one stick and one coal or charcoal to create.

Torches can be found naturally throughout the game in numerous locations, including mines, villages, strongholds, igloos, wooded mansions, and pillager outposts, in addition to being crafted.

3. Make a Lantern

If you have all the necessary components, you can make 1 lantern by right-clicking the crafting table, placing the torch in the centre grid, and then surrounding it with the iron nuggets.

In addition, the village librarians will accept 1 emerald in exchange for 1 lantern.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I was Wondering if Survival Mode Allowed the Use of Lantern.

Even in the most dire of situations, you can craft a light source. No matter what game mode you’re playing, the crafting recipe will still work.

2. Is it True that a Lantern in Minecraft Provides More Light than a Torch?

Just by looking at the instructions, you can tell that a Minecraft lantern is just a more powerful torch. The light output of a lantern is 15, but that of a torch is just 14.


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