How To Fix ‘Discord Mic Not Working’ Error

Discord Mic Not Working

Have you ever come across a microphone malfunction while using Discord where in one user can hear the audios of other users who are using the particular channel. This glitch was was found in the desktop version of Discord, this is because many users claimed that their web app version works just fine.

Today we see and increase in the number of users in Discord as compared to Skype. This is because the apps amongst the favourites of many gamers as this application has few defaults.

The minimum default expertise lies in the team that manages this beautiful application, they are well known is detecting flaws and bugs and rectifying as quickly as possible.

Discord Mic Not Working

But it’s sad to know that they failed to fix this “Discord Mic Not Working” Moreover they failed to have a one time solution for it.

Since the root cause of this issue can lie in different parts of your PC its wise to do some small fixes here and there before you come across your one time fixture.

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Understanding Discord Mic Not Working: An Overview

The “Discord mic not working” error refers to the inability of users to transmit their voice through the Discord application, despite having a functional microphone connected to their device. This error can manifest in various forms, including no audio input detected,

microphone not recognized, or voice transmission issues during conversations or gaming sessions. While the specific symptoms may vary depending on the underlying cause, the end result is an inability to communicate effectively with others on Discord.

Common Causes of Discord Mic Not Working Error

Several factors can contribute to the Discord mic not working error, ranging from software glitches to hardware malfunctions. Understanding these potential causes is crucial for effectively troubleshooting the issue and implementing appropriate solutions. Some common causes of the Discord mic not working error include:

1. Incorrect Input Settings

One of the most common causes of the Discord mic not working error is incorrect input settings within the Discord application. If the microphone input device is not selected or configured properly in Discord settings, the application may fail to recognize or detect the microphone, resulting in voice transmission issues.

2. Operating System Permissions

Another common cause of the Discord mic not working error is insufficient permissions or access rights within the operating system. If Discord does not have the necessary permissions to access the microphone device or microphone input settings, it may be unable to transmit voice data, leading to communication problems.

3. Hardware Issues

Hardware malfunctions or defects, such as faulty microphone cables, damaged connectors, or defective microphone components, can also cause the Discord mic not working error. If the microphone hardware is damaged or malfunctioning, it may be unable to capture or transmit audio data effectively, resulting in voice transmission issues on Discord.

4. Software Conflicts

Conflicts with other software applications or background processes running on the system can also contribute to the Discord mic not working error. If Discord conflicts with other applications or processes that use the microphone device, it may experience interference or data transmission issues, leading to voice communication problems.

How To Fix Discord Mic Not Working

The solutions of this malfunctioning in Discord can be found on different websites under different sub topics but here we are come with clubbing all the necessary fixtures under one head. This will enable you to solve your matter quickly.

Please Note:- while we suggest you try all the fixtures listed below, do check whether your audio device is supported by this version of Discord. To try this you could use another audio device, in case you own one and check whether the problem still persists.

If you still experience the “Discord Mic Not Working” issue then I suggest it’s time you follow the guide mentioned below. One of these solutions should be the best solution for your problem. Do try them all.

Before you actually try these methods I suggest you restart your computer and check whether this problem with discord still exists or disable discord outlay. This might solve your matter.

1. Change Privacy Settings

Third party applications and softwares like discord nullifies it’s access to the microphone and few other hardwares voluntarily when Windows is updated.

This happens when there is a automatic change granted by the permissions policy. While updating Windows in case the user tends to disable microphone then this issue might arise.

To solve this problem of microphone not working after an update follow the method mentioned below

Step 1:- Tap on Windows key, now type in Privacy Settings. From the results tap on Privacy Settings options.

Step 2:- Navigate down through your left pane to find Microphone.

Step 3:- Put on “Apps to Access your Microphone” from your right pane.

Step 4:- Navigate down on your right pane and check Microphone permission for Discord is permitted. Search for Win32WebViewHost in case you do not find Discord.

Step 5:- Restart to check whether the problem still persists.

2. Disable QoS on Discord

The problem might still exists when the QoS setting on Discord is malfunctioning and triggering this problem. Now it’s time to disable QoS on Discord to solve this problem. To do so follow the steps listed below

Step 1:- Open discord and tap onUser Settings”.

Step 2:- Now tap on “Voice and Video” which you should find on your left pane.

Step 3:- Now un – select “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” to put it of.

Step 4:- This should solve the problem.

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In case you have tried all the above mentioned solutions effectively, the problem still persists then uninstall discord and install it again this could solve your problem. The second solution left to you is to use the Discord browser version which may not have this problem.

The team behind the Discord are trying it’s best to find an one time fixture for this problem and may be out soon. Until then all these solutions should be able to solve your problems. Have fun gaming and joining the gaming family of Discord.


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