How To Fix ‘VAC was Unable to Verify Your Game Session’ Error

Vac Was Unable to Verify the Game Session

The CS: Go players recently experienced a technical issue wherein they encountered an error “VAC was unable to verify your game session”. Therefore the players couldn’t stream for any matchmaking or play a match. This created a panic situation among the CG: Go fan base.

VAC also known as valve anti cheat system deals with detecting irregularities in the installation files. The issue here is that the files can be influenced in such a way that it provides unfair output by which one player might gain an advantage over the other.

Vac Was Unable to Verify the Game Session

Understanding the “VAC was Unable to Verify Your Game Session” Error

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) is a proprietary anti-cheat technology developed by Valve Corporation to detect and prevent cheating in online multiplayer games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2.

When a player launches a game protected by VAC, the system verifies the integrity of the game files and the player’s game session to ensure fair play.

The error message “VAC was Unable to Verify Your Game Session” typically appears when VAC encounters an issue while attempting to validate the player’s game session. This error can prevent players from joining VAC-secured servers, participating in official matchmaking, or accessing certain game features that require VAC authentication.

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Possible Causes of the “VAC was Unable to Verify Your Game Session” Error

Several factors can contribute to the occurrence of the “VAC was Unable to Verify Your Game Session” error. Understanding these potential causes is essential for effectively troubleshooting and resolving the issue. Some common causes include:

1. Corrupted Game Files:

Corrupted or modified game files can trigger VAC authentication errors, as they may fail to pass the integrity check performed by the system.

2. Third-Party Software Interference:

Certain third-party software applications, such as cheat engines, game mods, or system utilities, can interfere with VAC’s operation and trigger authentication errors.

3. Network Connectivity Issues:

Poor network connectivity, firewall restrictions, or router configurations can disrupt communication between the player’s system and VAC servers, leading to authentication failures.

4. System Maintenance:

Temporary issues with VAC servers or routine maintenance activities conducted by Valve Corporation can temporarily disrupt VAC authentication processes, resulting in authentication errors for affected players.

How To Fix VAC was Unable to Verify your Game Session 

While participating in this game if you come across such a situation, this could be due to file configuration problem. Do not worry because this situation can be handled wisely by  just following the below listed methods accurately.

1. Running Steam as Administrator

In case you experience the above-mentioned problem then the first step would be to check whether steam has been granted administrator access on your desktop.

For an individual to gain the best gaming experience steam needs to have full administrator access, which indicates that the system has a lot of unwanted memories and files which need to be deleted or defaulted.

The best alternative could be to allow steam a full administrator access and check whether the problem still persists. To do this we need to firstly coerce minor adjustments here and there in the to the steam exe file. Since the different configuration files are in the main directory the final step would be to enable steam full access to those files.

2. Ending Steam Service

Many times it is so witnessed that steam has already gained assess to the files, wherein there must have been a bug present somewhere in the software which has provoked this issue. In such circumstances one must follow the below mentioned steps

Step 1: Tap on “windows” + “R” keys to extend run prompt.

Step 2: Just type “taskmgr” and tap “enter

Step 3: Select the “processes” tab and under that click on “steam services“.

Step 4: Finally select “end task” and then shut off the task manager

Step 5: Do check whether the problem is solved.

3. Copying DLL File

On your desktop, there should be two steam service DLL files. The first one you shall find in the program files whereas the second one should be present in the Steam installation directory.

The problem arises when these two files differ from each other therefore steam could not verify your game. The step listed below with help you to copy DLL and make the required changes so that steam gets verified.

Step 1: Find steam installation directory which looks like C< Program Files (X 86)>Steam>Bin

Step 2: Right click to find “steam service.dll” file and then tap on “copy“.

Step 3: Now find C< Program Files (X 86)>Common Files >Steam

Step 4: Finally paste the “dll” and tap on the option “replace

Step 5: Now launch steam and try to play the game check whether the problem is solved

4. Deleting Temporary Files

Sometimes it so happens that the temporary files that are stored on your desktop might have been corrupted after a period of time due to which one must have encountered this situation while starting the game. In such circumstances follow the below-listed step to delete such corrupted files.

Step 1: Tap on “windows” + “R” keys to extend run prompt.

Step 2: Now type “%temp%” and click on the “enter” key.

Step 3: Tap on “CTRL” + “A” keys then tap on “shift” + “ delete” keys respectively.

Step 4: Now select the option “yes” from your desktops prompt to delete all temporary files.

Step 5: Finally click to see whether the problem is solved.

5. Performing a File Repair

Many times it is so witnessed that the error we encountered while playing the game could be due to some important steam library files which have been corrupted over time. In such cases we can conduct a file repair which will get things back to normal, to do so follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Tap on “windows” + “R” keys to extend run prompt.

Step 2: Now type “C:\ Program Files (X 86) \Steam\ Bin\ SteamService.exe” \ repair

Step 3: This will take some time. Run it and check whether the problem is solved. In case the problem still persists then find the below-mentioned location on your desktop

C:\Program Files(X 86)\Steam \SteamApps\common\counter – strike Global Offensive\cgso\maps\graphs\workshop

Step 4: Tap on “CTRL” + “A” keys then tap on “shift” + “ delete” keys respectively.

Step 5: Now run the steam to download all the missing files on your desktop

This should solve your problems in case the problem still exists then follow the steps mentioned below

Step 6: Tap on “windows” + “R” keys to extend run prompt.

Step 7:  Finally type “Cmd” after which tap on “shift” + “ctrl” + “enter“. This will grant permission to all the administrative privileges.

Step 8: Type the command “start steam://flushconfig ipconfig /release ipconfig / renew. In order to run the code tap “enter

Finally, check whether the issue is solved. In case this code doesn’t solve the problem try the last code. Do note that this will disable some features on your security package.

Step 9: Type the code “bcdedit . exe / {current} nx OptIn

6. Checking for Background Services/Tasks

Sometimes it so happens that VAC might identify some VPN / proxies or some other virtualization software’s, this could be the cause for the error. In order to get rid of the error follow the steps mentioned below

Step 1: Tap on “windows” + “R” keys to extend run prompt

Step 2: Now type “services.msc” and tap on “enter” key. This should run the code automatically

Step 3: Now a service management window will pop up, right click on it to disable the following services

Step 4: Furthermore go to your task manager by using the keys “Ctrl” + ” Alt” + “Del“. This should do the job

Step 5: When your task manager opens check for the following code, in case you find it then quickly disable it. Finally check whether the problem is solved.

7. Try Some General Fixes

1. To restart your steam client the first step would be to just going to steam and changing your username finally exit it by tapping on “steam>exit”. Further more open steam in offline mode and finally go back to online mode to check whether the problem still persists.

2. Internet connectivity has been a problem for many users make sure you have a strong internet connectivity. Do clear all the data from steam there is a high chance that certain files are blocked by steam

3. Sometimes antivirus software creates a trigger in the gaming software check whether they have created the issue.

4. There are few important software’s like DirectX, Microsoft Redistributable, NET Framework, and others which need to be installed

5. Change your ID, close steam and check whether the problem is solved. If the problem persists change your profile to how it was before

6. Try closing your idle master and check whether the game works

7. Delete Config file or any other keybinds and see whether the problem still exists

8. In case nothing works it’s time to put your data in a backup because now you need to reinstall the whole game again.

8. Turn off Steam Beta

The steam beta could be the cause due to which the problem persists. In such circumstances one needs to opt out of beta program. In order to do so follow steps listed below

Step 1: Sign in to your account by launching steam

Step 2: Select “steam” which you shall find on the top left hand side panel from there click on “settings

Step 3: Now select “account” from the panel and tap on “change” which will be listed under beta participation setting

Step 4:  Click on “none opt out of all beta programs“. Save the changes

Finally, check if the problem still exists.

9. Updating Windows

There is a high chance that the windows installed on your desktop is outdated which might have caused the trigger in the gaming software. Follow the steps to get your windows updated in order to solve the issue

Step 1: To open your settings use “windows” + “I” key

Step 2: Under settings select ” update and security” and then tap on ” Windows update” which you shall find on your left-hand side panel

Step 3: Now wait patiently for the update to take place by clicking on “check for updates

Step 4: Update your desktop and finally check whether the matter is solved.

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This platform has listed various alternatives to solve the problems many of which can be easily adopted by a person who is amateur with computer or has basic computer knowledge. Solve your problem with respect to CS: Go and have a great gaming experience.


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