How To Make Spyglass in Minecraft

How To Make Spyglass in Minecraft

The Spyglass is a tool in Minecraft that can be used for spying on other players. The use of a spyglass enables one to see faraway objects with greater clarity.

In Minecraft, you can run across something too small to see, or you might be unable to tell the difference between two types of seeds. In that case, you’ll want a spyglass; here’s how to make one in Minecraft.

How To Make Spyglass in Minecraft?: Parts Needed to Construct a Spyglass

Created spyglasses are not available for purchase in Minecraft. In order to make a spyglass, you will need:

  1. 2x Copper Ingots 2. 1x Amethyst Shard

How To Make Spyglass in Minecraft

Copper Ingots

Smelting is the technique needed to create copper ingots, of which we require two.

Smelting necessitates the following materials and equipment:

  • Raw Copper
  • Furnace

Copper is extracted from the ground once copper ores have been mined.

A total of 8 individual cobblestones are needed to construct the furnace. Put the eight cobblestones onto the crafting grid, leaving the centre block unfilled, and you’ll have a furnace:


After setting the furnace down on the floor, click on it to bring up the furnace control panel. Now load the furnace’s entrance with raw copper and any fuel, such as sticks:

The smelting process has yielded a Copper Ingot.

Copper ingots can be fashioned from waxed copper blocks as well. Because natural copper oxidises with time, these blocks are waxed so that they can be used later:

Arrange 1 copper blocks, waxed, in a 1×1 square in a crafting grid. In total, you’ll receive nine copper ingots.

Amethyst Shard

Amethyst Geodes can be found in the depths of the ocean in Minecraft. Amethyst crystals, sometimes known as Amethyst Clusters, can be extracted from these geodes. Amethyst clusters can be mined for Amethyst Shards.

A Guide to Making a Spyglass in Minecraft

Spyglass can be crafted by placing an amethyst shard in slot 1/2 of a crafting grid, followed by two iron ingots in slots #2 and #3.

Spyglass has been added to your collection. Pick it up with your right hand from your inventory and look away from the crowd.

The spyglass allows you to get a closer look at an enemy when you right-click on it from a distance.


The spyglass is a useful tool in Minecraft. When you need a clean view of something far away but can’t get it with your naked eye, a spyglass comes in handy. Using a copper ingot and an amethyst shard, you can make your own spyglass.


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