How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

Many players already know that Minecraft features a plethora of fascinating and original foundation customization options. Whether you’re making a mob farm or a fancy room with head blocks, every additional addition enhances the gameplay.

Sure, it becomes old to constantly wander around when you’re adding new sections to your base. Most players resort to building stairs as a solution, which is a subpar strategy.

Take a ride on a bubble elevator if you’re in the mood for something unusual. Using this device, you can effortlessly float to the location of your choosing. Anyone can give it a shot in Minecraft because it doesn’t call for a lot of materials. Okay, so let’s begin!

How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

Materials Necessary For Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

You’ll need to gather supplies for your bubble elevator before you can begin building it. If it wasn’t already clear, these are necessary if you want to make bubbles containing particular building pieces.

A Water Bucket, Soul Sand, Magma Block, and Signs are among these items. Keep in mind there are numerous elevator designs, thus these are the fundamental essentials. Also, keep in mind that soul sand propels you higher while magma blocks force you downwards.

Make your selections here based on the desired features of your elevator. Make sure you have enough blocks (of any kind) for the main construction before you start.

Here the Guide: How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft?

Once you have everything you need, you can begin building your bubble lift! These buildings are helpful whether you’re looking to facilitate travel around your base, increase its convenience, or wow your pals.

Large structures benefit greatly from this, as traversing numerous floors can be difficult or bothersome. Building elevators out of bubbles is a breeze, and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get somewhere quickly for practical or philosophical reasons.

Get together a bunch of bricks and construct a tower with one brick at the top.

Step 1. First, complete this until you’re happy with the results, and then pick a point to enter the tower.

Step 2. After that, make a hole in the bottom and add Water on top.

Step 3. To prevent water loss, post signs at least one block away from the place of entry.

Step 4. As a next step, fill in the area with Kelp, starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Step 5. Break all the kelp blocks once all the water blocks have it.

Step 6. Start with a base of Soul Sand or a Magma Block.

Step 7. Your bubble-powered elevator is ready for use.


Although elevators can be built in a wide variety of forms, they are all based on the same fundamental principles. So, experiment with several approaches until you find what works best.

You could use soul sand and magma bricks to power a multidirectional bubble elevator, for instance. Because some players can employ activation mechanics to unlock passages within the elevator, other designs may incorporate Redstone power.

They can get complicated to create, so if you’re interested in new ideas for them, we recommend looking them up online. In any case, we wish you a pleasant experience with bubble riding and bid farewell, gamer.


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