9 Best Sites Like MovieTube To Watch Free Movies Online In 2023


Are you looking for some of the best sites which offer a huge variety of movies from different genres? Then, in that case, you should give a shot to MovieTube.

9 Best Sites Like MovieTube

But since the website is no longer in use, viewers have found new ways and platforms for streaming their favorite shows and movies. The top ten most liked websites are listed below:

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is a very prominent name when it comes to finding websites that offer HD-quality movies. The website has a massive collection of top-rated movies available on its server.

Its database is flooded with entertainment stuff that you would never like to miss out on. The streaming experience of this website is outstanding with all the basic and optimum features available.

Even though the website is not that well structured compared to Movie Tube, still it never fails to leave a mark on its users. The best part about the website is that you don’t have to register or sign up to view its content. All you need to do is to visit the link provided, search for the movies and start streaming.

2. MoviesJoy

This is yet another website that offers an immense collection of movies and TV shows for streaming free of cost. It has over more than ten thousand movies available on its database from more than 13 countries. The part about the website is its ad-free interface.

Users can stream a good number of films and clips without disturbance at a stretch. Apart from this, the website does not require registration and sign-up.You can directly start streaming the content by just going on its official page. All the movies are arranged in order according to their genre.

Apart from this, users can also filter the list based on the release date, quality, country, language, etc. Overall, it’s a great platform and an excellent alternative to Movie Tube.

3. CineBloom

Cinebloom lets users stream unlimited movies and web series free of cost. Almost all the movies are available in HD quality. So, you don’t have to compromise with the quality of content here. The website is easily operated without having to create an additional account.

Even though the website has advertisements coming up, yet it won’t be that disturbing enough for its users.Apart from this, users can easily navigate between different tabs and content quite easily, which is of great advantage. Users can customize the quality of the content according to their preferences.

In addition to this, the website also provides 4+ servers to its users. It is advised to use the uStream server for a better streaming experience. The website is a must-try platform.

4. PopcornFlix

The website is one of the most versatile websites available on browsers for streaming movies and web shows without having to pay a penny. The website has a great amount of traffic available on its network every day. With so much popularity, the platforms are also available as applications on Play Store and App Store.

Users can stream an unlimited number of movies and shows on this platform.The registration formality is optional, but it won’t take even two minutes to do so. All the basic features along with some additional features are available on its website. Everything is well-structured and assembled for the users to choose movies from.

The website is the most trusted website on the internet today, which is running from the year 1999. It can be easily accessed through multiple devices. Hence, if you’re a fan of the latest as well as classic hits, PopcornFlix is the best website for you.

5. Putlocker

Putlocker is also an old website that offers a large collection of movies and entertainment content to its users free of cost. But unfortunately, its original website was deleted a few years ago. Yet, some of its clone websites are available today that provide similar features and movies to the users as that of the original site.

Despite being a clone, the website even today is a must choice for those who like streaming movies and TV shows.You can watch some of the best collections of movies and TV shows on this website without having to register. You can easily choose movies and TV shows based on their year of release, genre, language, ratings etc. The website is highly efficient to use.

6. PrimeWire

This is yet another amazing alternative for Movie Tube with an incredible number of movies available for streaming. The website is not only best at providing movies but is also promising in providing web shows and TV series. The registration process is quite easy and simple.

If you are interested in exploring the website, you may look for its org servers as well.Apart from this, users can also download full-length movies on this website with extension software. The website is frequently updated with new content and features. All the movies available here are the latest and are of HD quality.

Users can filter movies based on their genres, language, release dates, country, etc. Even though all the movies are of HD quality, it is advised to use VPN for streaming videos on this website. Overall, it is a great website with incredible features.

7. Solar Movies

Solar movies is known for its ability to provide some if the exclusive collection of movies to its users free of cost. It also has a clone site available on the internet. The registration process is optional, but if you want to request the site for uploading your preferred movie, then you’ll have to register before requesting.

The website offers movies, web shows, TV series of HD quality. Users can sort the content based on genre, country, rating, etc. Movies belonging to genres like, action, adventure, thriller, fantasy are available here. The website gives the best streaming experience to its users.

8. Xmovies8

The website is a free streaming website that has a rich database for providing quality content to its users. You can see a large amount of traffic on its server. The website is quite popular among TV shows freaks.

The website is free to access. Users can watch them online and download them as well. You don’t have to register to procure its content. You can easily find the latest, top-rated series on its server. All the content is of 4k quality, making the streaming experience the best among all other alternatives.

9. Genvideos

The website is an excellent alternative to Movie Tube, which has some of the awesome collections of movies and web series available on its server. The registration process is optional, but it will you register you’ll probably get some of the perks.

Its database is best at providing quality content to the users, and never disappoints them. Users can also stream animated content and manga as well.

The content is also categorized based on their views and popularity. You can easily find some of the latest and most recent movies on this website. Even though the content is not updated that frequently, yet it never fails to entertain the users with the best content possible.


So these were the most rated website available on the internet for streaming full-length movies, without much disturbance and buffs. All these websites are well-equipped and maintained for streaming. In case you feel authenticity crises, you may go for anti-virus software, adblocker, or VPN.

These will save your data from getting corrupt and will maintain the system’s privacy. These also protect your system from bugs and malware. Hence, the streaming experience is also gets enhanced.


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