Why is My Tiktok Under Review


Since so many individuals upload videos to TikTok, users may always find something new to watch. When making content for TikTok, there are a few rules you must follow, and the platform has safeguards in place to make sure you do.

The assessment of your content for safety before release is one such measure. Are you unable to share your video on TikTok because of the warning “Video Under Review”?

How to avoid getting your videos removed from TikTok and what it means to have a video “under review” are covered here. In the end, we’ll answer user questions about pending TikTok videos and gain insight into the length of time it takes for reviews to be completed.

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What Does It Mean When Your TikTok Video Is “Under Review?”

Even individuals under the legal drinking age watch videos on TikTok. Then, in accordance with community and child norms, TikTok must implement safeguards to protect its young users. It does this in part by outlining standards that all contributors must meet before their work may be shared.

TikTok lives up to its word by checking to see if creators are following the rules. When your TikTok video says “video under review,” it means the company is reviewing it before it can be shared publicly. After you upload your video, it may be subject to moderation.

Furthermore, TikTok has the authority to remove your video if it determines that it has broken its policies. The videos on TikTok are screened by an AI that looks at a number of different parameters to determine if they need to be reviewed or can be shared with users immediately.

About How Long does it take for TikTok to Review a Video?

There is no set time frame during which a video gets reviewed on TikTok. But that relies on what you have in your video. After 2 hours, some people have passed the evaluation stage; others have taken 24 or 48 hours. It may take up to a week for the evaluation to be completed.

During the assessment process, TikTok may decide to reinstate your video and return sharing privileges to you if they determine that the content poses no threat to the platform.

If your video, however, has been removed because it goes against the community guidelines, then that’s not good. It’s possible that TikTok will delete the video, and doing so could get your account banned.

What are these rules that TikTok lays out? is undoubtedly the question on your mind right now. To determine whether or not to approve your video, TikTok looks at the following criteria.

Explicit Material

Pornographers and those who post sexually explicit material to their channels will be banned from TikTok. Many people who use TikTok are minors, and it’s clear that exposing children to content like this would have a profoundly negative effect on their mental development.

Therefore, TikTok is very stringent in this regard, and if your video is deemed to include any explicit sexual content, you can rest assured that it will be reviewed.

Graphic Violence

TikTok videos should not glorify or depict violent or illegal behaviour. TikTok has a responsibility to safeguard its users, including limiting their exposure to graphic content in videos, because of the traumatic effects that seeing such content can have on them.

Materials Protected by Copyright

The work of other authors is frequently stolen by some authors. Your video will be reviewed by TikTok when their algorithm or a user claims that it infringes on the copyright of another author. As a general rule, TikTok will remove content that has been flagged as infringing on copyrights.

Crime-Related Material

TikTok will notify its staff if your video contains inappropriate material such as spamming other users or drug or substance misuse.

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TikTok’s mission is to provide a welcoming and secure environment for its users. This necessitates a strict adherence to the community norms, and the status of any account discovered to be in violation is now being investigated. It will be examined and then either removed or restored.


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