Why is China so Good at Diving

Why is China so Good at Diving

When it comes to absolute dominance, China’s diving team is second to none. China has won nine medals in diving, six of which are gold.

On Thursday night, Chen Ruolin of China won the women’s 10-meter platform competition, giving China a medal in the event at the Olympics for the eighth consecutive time. Chen was ahead by 55.80 points after five dives, which is virtually the same as doing an additional dive.

Why is China so Good at Diving

What Makes China So Great?

Though Broben has an extremely beautiful entry into the water (almost no splash, absolutely vertical). Her legs come apart and flex in the air, while Chen’s remain straight and together the entire time.

When comparing scores for that dive, Chen came out on top with 86.40 points, while Broben came in at 83.20. Chen kept up her flawless performance throughout the whole competition, effortlessly prevailing in both the preliminary and semifinal rounds.

This is her internal triple-eight. Standing backwards and then flipping forward toward the board is an inward. Once again, Chen has a very methodical technique of extending her legs into a pike stance before diving into the water.

The Training that Makes China the Most Dominant Team

A hat trick of diving golds for China at the Tokyo Olympics came about on Wednesday despite intense competition from the United States.

The teen duo of Wang Zongyuan and Xie Siyi dominated the men’s synchronised 3m springboard final from start to finish, scoring 467.82 points to further cement China’s diving dominance.

Andrew Capobianco and Michael Hixon of the United States won silver with 444.36 points. And Patrick Hausding and Lars Rudiger of Germany won bronze on their final attempt after having been eliminated from medal contention.

Chasing perfection: China’s Dream Team of Diving

Several teams throughout Olympic history have accomplished feats that can only be characterised as amazing.

These legendary squads and the game-changing players who fueled them will be remembered in Tokyo 2020.

The People’s Republic of China diving squad has been at the top of their game for nearly two decades, and we celebrate their accomplishments in this last instalment of our series.

St. Louis, Missouri, was the site of the first Olympic diving competition in 1904. For the next eight decades, the United States would go on to win the vast majority of diving medals.

However, in 1984, the People’s Republic of China entered the fray, and the playing field was forever altered.


There has been no team more impressive than the Chinese diving squad here at the London Olympics. And there’s no indication that their success is going to slow down any time soon.

According to London2012.com, China has won three diving gold medals across three separate events.

China absolutely crushed the competition in the women’s 3-meter springboard, men’s 10-meter platform, and women’s 10-meter platform events.

The rest of the world fell behind as the Chinese made off with all the gold.

Mexico won two silver medals, the United States got one silver and one bronze, while Canada won four bronze medals in the three events.


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