When is the Show Jumping Olympics 2021

When is the Show Jumping Olympics 2021

There were three different types of equestrian events at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the equestrian events at the 2020 Summer Olympics had to be moved to 24 July – 7 August 2021.

The equestrian disciplines shared the 200 available spots (75 for jumping, 65 for eventing, and 60 for dressage). Any National Olympic Committee (NOC) that qualified a team (20 teams for jumping, 15 each for eventing and dressage) got 3 entries in the individual competition for that discipline.

When is the Show Jumping Olympics 2021

Individuals from NOCs that did not qualify teams were still eligible to compete, with a maximum of 15 entries in jumping and dressage and 20 in eventing.

When is the Show Jumping Olympics 2021: All Show Jumping Rules and Other Details

There are three distinct disciplines of equestrian competition at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Every equestrian discipline has dedicated followers and top-tier competitors, from dressage to eventing to show jumping.

The most well-known aspect of equestrian sports is show jumping, yet the sport isn’t particularly well-liked by the general public. Let’s analyse the origins and development of this ancient sport.

The name of the sport accurately describes what happens: a horse and rider pair jumps over a series of hurdles. In the sport of show jumping, there is no clear favourite horse breed.

This sport, which debuted at the Olympics in the year 1900, has developed into something that is pleasurable for both participants and spectators. In spite of this, only a few few teams and legends have truly ruled the roost in this sport.

Hans Günter Winkler of Germany, Raimondo D’Inzeo of Italy, and Piero D’Inzeo of Italy are three of the most successful show jumping athletes of all time. In the men’s high jump competition, Daniel Deusser of Germany is now ranked first in the world despite having won just bronze at the Olympics.

For the sake of keeping his number one ranking, he plans to go for the gold.


The German star entered the show jumping competition in first place and with gold in her sights, but her aspirations were dashed almost immediately. Schleu scored nothing and fell to dead last.

Reportedly, the regulatory organisation of modern pentathlon, UIPM, has quietly voted to remove horse riding as one of the five disciplines from the sport. Which now includes horse riding, shooting, running, swimming, and fencing.


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