What Happened to Annie Lazor’s Dad

What Happened to Annie Lazor's Dad

Olympian Annie Lazor talks about how her teammate Lilly King comforted her following the death of her father.

What Happened to Annie Lazor’s Dad

Despite their shared interest in swimming, Annie Lazor and Lilly King have a much deeper bond.

What Happened to Annie Lazor's Dad

Friends and teammates outside of the pool, the Olympians are currently competing as Team USA in Tokyo.

The death of Lazor’s father, David, at age 61, months before the Olympic trials, was a devastating blow to the family. The swimmer didn’t just lose her father in that instant. As if it wasn’t bad enough, she also lost a major backer of her Olympic aspirations.

Lazor said to TODAY, “My dad was the first one who constantly reminded me that I’m so much more than my swimming successes.” It’s not that Dad didn’t value my swimming; it’s just that it didn’t represent much of who I was to him.

After Lazor’s Father Passed away, she needed a Helping hand, so her friend and teammate, King, Drove five hours to be with her.

“My mother overheard their conversation, and she assured her that she would do whatever it necessary to have me join the squad and force me to train every day. That really exemplified the kind of person she is, and it meant the world to both my mother and me “as she put it.

King, on the other hand, was overjoyed to be able to aid her friend and didn’t think much of the significance of her act of kindness.

“I thought she could use an empathetic ear from someone who could relate to her right now. We wanted to be present for her, so one of my teammates and I drove up. And I believe that was a point of appreciation for her, “In an interview with TODAY, King said.

Several months later, the two teams are together again, this time in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Reflecting on their relationship, Lazor praised King for being so considerate and patient.

In spite of my Circumstances, she Continues to treat me Normally.

She says, “I’m going to pull you through this,” which means she intends to help you. It is my job to provide you with both theoretical and practical support, and that is exactly what I intend to do “her words

Lazor is still mourning the loss of her father, but she is comforted by the knowledge that he is watching over her and encouraging her to follow her passions.

“When the pressure of this meeting starts to get to me, I start to worry about what he thinks of me. That it’s clear he wants me to realise my potential and reach my goals in life, but that doing so is only a fraction of who I am “”, Lazor remarked.


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