Suni Lee All Around Floor Routine

Suni Lee All Around Floor Routine

After getting a perfect 10 on the balance beam, Suni Lee made NCAA gymnastics history by performing a “Nabieva” on the uneven bars.

Suni Lee All Around Floor Routine

Suni Lee may have initially tried out a version of the “Nabieva” talent on uneven bars nine years ago, when she attended a summer camp, according to Jeff Graba.

Suni Lee All Around Floor Routine

The Auburn gymnastics coach once described the release motion as “very close to my heart.” She threw something very similar in our practise facility for the first time.

It was released on a Friday night. After a slow start, we needed to make up for lost time.

For the first time in four weeks, Auburn’s vault team scored less than 50 points in a competition. We expected the team’s performance to increase as the season progressed, so this dip was a surprise.

When Lee, then 18 years old, entered the fray, he altered the course of yet another meet at Auburn Arena by raising the bar for what is possible at the collegiate level.

Lee did the Nabieva for the first time at the NCAA level, Establishing History.

She landed safely and only missed a perfect score of 10, receiving a 9.875, much to the delight and dismay of the home crowd. They made their feelings known to the judges.

People seemed to have forgotten that Lee had only finished about a third of his presentation.

The freshman gymnast from Auburn, popularly known as “Best Gymnast in the World,” scored a perfect 10 on the balancing beam for the second time this season and the first time ever in Auburn Arena.

The Crowd Cheered after they were Proven Right. That evening, Lee’s Inventiveness Reached its Pinnacle.

Lee commented, “I love it because I always knew what to expect as a kid watching collegiate gymnastics.” I don’t want anyone to be able to predict my actions when I go out into the world.

On Friday, Auburn had the fifth-best National Qualifying Score in the USA; on Saturday, the Tigers won the meet with their highest team score ever.

The current programme record stands at 197.925, but if current trends continue, it will certainly be surpassed again before the end of 2022. As a group, we’re aiming for a score of 198. Even with Friday’s disappointing first inning, Auburn was able to secure a win.

Graba said, “They Calmed Down.” “That will Prove to be Very Useful.”

In the last rotation, Auburn and Kentucky were tied, but the Tigers’ floor routine was anchored by senior Derrian Gobourne and junior Lee, who both scored 9.975. In the end, Kentucky scored a 197.150 for the evening. Lee scored 39.775 to win the all-around competition.

As she usually does once a week, she had triumphed over the situation. While competing for Auburn at Georgia, she won first place in every event, including a vault that introduced a new skill to the NCAA for the first time.

“She needs to be challenged,” Graba remarked.

“A lot of things fail to interest her. When you’re bored, you make careless plays in this sport. We must keep pushing back against her and removing the protective coverings. It’s clear that she’s eager to keep growing. The fuel tank can still hold more.”

Lee joins Becky Erwin as the only gymnasts at Auburn to earn two perfect 10s in competition (1993). On Friday, Lee scored the seventh perfect 10 in programme history on the balance beam.

The No. 5 national ranking is not due to the efforts of one individual, but rather to Auburn’s exceptional team depth. On Friday, one of the Tigers’ key players, junior Aria Brusch, who is also considered a leader, returned from a two-week absence. She came back on bars, where she scored a 9.50 to kickstart the team’s comeback.

One thing that Brusch feels is holding him back is his dismount. When I finally managed to do it after a long absence, I thought to myself, “That was amazing.”

According to Graba, Brusch is nearly ready to host additional events.

When She Returns, everyone Calms down,” Graba Remarked.

“Where Aria ends up over the next couple of weeks is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be in our final lineup. We must be doing something right if we can come this close to breaching 198 while still tinkering with different lineups.”

The freshman gymnast Sophia Groth, who was also competing in the all-around, achieved a personal best score of 9.875 on bars. When the Tigers got off to a sluggish start on vault, they bounced back with a season-best performance on bars (49.575).

The Tigers won it all thanks to Gobourne’s game-winning hit. Before her floor routine, the highlight of every home meet, their score was 197.7.

The score of 197.75 set a new high watermark for the series. Defiantly, Gobourne matched Lee’s floor score. A new benchmark has been set. Brusch noted that Auburn is “getting closer and closer” to 198 points every week.

Can you get any closer? Suni Lee assures us, “It’s coming shortly.”


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