How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error


If you want to buy, play or discuss games, steam is the right platform to visit. But off late it was so witnessed that users experience a lot of errors when using the digital platform and this had affected a lot of gamers.

How to Fix Steam Disk Write Error?

While updating or installing the software “An error occurred while installing/updating…(disk write error)” might flash on your PC due to which a user is unable to use or install steam.

Listed below are a few of the many ways through which a person can solve this issue:-

1. Update the Drivers (manually and with tool to update)

Step 1:– First and foremost download and install driver easy software

Step 2:- Now open driver easy and tap on “scan now”. Allow the Pc to scan and detect problems in the device

Step 3:- Click on “update all”. This should install the pro version of the software. Sometimes all you got to do is tap on “update”.

Step 4:- Next step would be to reboot the Pc and check whether it’s updated

Step 5:- Check whether the problem still persists. In case it still exists then follow the next method.

2. Get Rid of the 0 KB File

Step 1:- On your PC tap on Windows key + R keys. The run Window should open automatically now type %ProgramFIles(x86)% and then click Enter.

Step 2:- Select “steam” then tap on “SteamApps” finally on “common”

Step 3: – Navigate towards the bottom panel to find “0KB-sized file” and delete the same.

Step 4:- It’s time to load the game again and update it to check whether the problem is solved.

3. Delete Disk Write Protection

Step 1:- in order to open command prompt tap on Windows key after which you need to type cmd. Now, right-click and select run as administrator.

Step 2:- Now type the below mentioned commands and tap on Enter key after even command.

list disk
select disk #
attributes disk clear readonly

Note:- # clearly notifies the number of hard drives that have an error.

Step 3:- Finally exit command prompt.

Step 4:- This should solve your problem in order to do so reupdate and reinstall the software.


“An error occurred while installing/updating…(disk write error)” by now should be solved in case you have tried all the methods listed above effectively and efficiently. Do enjoy the game after all the effort you have done to solve the issue. Have a joyous time.


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