Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,800 Flights

Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,800 Flights

Southwest Airlines have done it. They have canceled more than 1800 flights over the weekend, and that had caused a lot of problems for the people. They have said that the problem is because of the bad weather and the air traffic along with the fact that they did not have enough staff to operate on a smooth basis with all that flights going on.

This was a big number of flights that were canceled and a lot of people had to face this issue where their flights were postponed because of the airlines. The combination of all the things resulted in a lot of flights being canceled.

It goes without saying that all the people including the customers and the current staff were not very happy at the turn of events. Even the staff that had been stationed to get on the flights had to be stalled and no one likes to be stalled at an airport even though it is a part of their job.

Southwest Airlines Cancels 1,800 Flights

“I know this is all not good and it is all incredibly difficult for all of you, and we also know that this is a fact where our Customers are not happy,” Alan Kasher said in an interview or rather a meeting with the staff, he is the executive vice president of daily flight operations.

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The airline had taken this bad situation and blamed it on the initial problems of bad weather and an “FAA-imposed air traffic management program.” However, the other airlines have canceled relatively fewer flights than Southwest Airlines.

They have not made any comment on this. “Although it is true that we were staffed for the weekend, we did not have the foresight and we could not anticipate the significant disruption that was there and that had been created from unexpected ATC issues.

The issue was also combined with the bad weather across our Florida stations,” said Kasher. “No FAA air traffic staffing shortages have been reported since Friday,” the FAA had said in the statement.

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“Some of the airlines might continue to experience scheduling challenges and problems that can be due to aircraft and crews being all out of place. Please make sure that you contact the airlines for details about current flight schedules.”


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