All You Need To Know Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

There’s a new health sensor and improved battery life in the newly released Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, however, could be on sale.

Check out our detailed comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with the Galaxy Watch 4. In a good way, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 manages to be both conventional and novel. It resembles a Galaxy Watch, however this version is more refined and modern.

The software functions similarly to Tizen, however the modernized Google Wear OS platform is more practical and accurate.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

The ‘Active’ moniker has been removed from the new Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup in favor of the more athletic-looking Galaxy Watch 4 and the ‘Classic’ version, which maintains the opulent features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Design and Build of Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

It comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, with a wide variety of colors: black and silver for both sizes, pink gold for the smaller model, and dark green for the bigger. The larger prototype I’ve been trying does have a slightly hefty feel.

The 40mm model may perform better, but I highly doubt it; both are 9.8 mm thick, thus the smaller one may actually feel heavier than it actually is. However the case may be, Samsung uses the same ‘Armor Aluminium’ for the circular watch body as it does for the frames of the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 smartphones.

Either size of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may be outfitted with any regular 20mm watch strap, albeit it won’t lie as flat on the wearer’s wrist as the official curved straps sold by Samsung. The default strap is a rubberized number.

Display and Audio Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

The display of the Watch 4 is especially noticeable due to the device’s spare aesthetic. Samsung used an AMOLED display for this, making the screen readable in direct sunlight and featuring vivid colors that make the most of the many customizable watch faces (there are more than 20 preinstalled) and other features.

The display on the 40mm version is 1.2 inches square (396×396), while on the 44mm version, it’s 1.4 inches square (450×450). For what it’s worth, these screens are identical to the ones on both sizes of the Watch 4 Classic.

One advantage of the Classic is that this is primarily obscured by the physical bezel, but the very large black bezel around the display’s borders is still present and might use some work from Samsung in the next iteration.

Software and Features Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

Google and Samsung worked together on Wear OS 3; Samsung had previously used its own TizenOS for its wearables. It’s true that Wear OS 3 won’t be released until 2022, but Samsung is still calling the operating system within this watch “Wear OS powered by Samsung” for now. For all intents and purposes, this is Google’s new design, although with Samsung’s twist on top.

Samsung’s new One UI Watch interface makes using the Galaxy Watch 4 feel more like navigating one of the company’s Galaxy phones than anything from Google, while features like Samsung Pay and Bixby are prioritized over Google Pay and Google Assistant; the latter is supported, but there is no dedicated hardware shortcut for it.

Fitness and Tracking Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4

A variety of sensors allow you to monitor not only your heart rate, but also your blood oxygen levels, irregular heartbeats, the quality of your sleep, your stress levels, and, most significantly, your body composition.

The Galaxy Watch 4, like many other smart scales, can determine your body composition by measuring your bioelectrical impedance. For the duration of the test—roughly 30 seconds—two fingers should be kept on the buttons.

Even while I believe my Withings Body Cardio to be more accurate, the results weren’t always in sync with it.

This isn’t as advanced as some other smartwatches, but for a fast reference it works great. Anyone who wishes to keep tabs on their fitness level but avoid the temptation to stress over their weight that comes with utilizing a scale will also find this useful.


The Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung is an important product, and not just for the company. This not only ushers in a new era for the company’s smartwatch offerings, but it also heralds the release of the improved Wear OS 3, which was co-developed with Google.

Thankfully, Samsung has pretty much perfected the user experience. The Galaxy Watch 4’s hardware is difficult to criticize, and the updated features make it the greatest smartwatch currently available that doesn’t bear Apple’s name.

The only major drawback is that the Galaxy Watch 4 works best when coupled with a Samsung phone, as Samsung is currently busy building its own walled garden to compete with Apple in California.

If you own an iPhone, you’re out in the cold; this won’t work at all. Other Android owners, on the other hand, will find much to appreciate, even if a handful things are missing.Here is all the information, speciication, features and other information you need to know about Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4.


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