Rhythmic Gymnast on to Tell the Truth


On March 2nd, a brand new episode of ABC’s “To Tell the Truth” premiered. Panelists included actors Nikki Glaser, Bob Saget, and Lil Rey Howery.

The three of them needed to employ some sleuthing skills to determine who among them was telling the truth. To Tell the Truth spoilers follow below.

Nastasya Generalova is the true rhythmic gymnast. She boasted, “I won a medal at the World Cup.” They were using the former CIA operative as a lie detector.

In picking Option 2, he was 100% correct. Nastasya, who is 21 years old and originally from Beverly Hills, California, is a model. She went to Columbia University and stands at 5 feet, nine inches.

ABC Hit Game Show Tell The Truth

ABC’s To Tell the Truth is returning with a brand new episode tonight, and we have an exclusive clip to get you pumped up for it.

Shoe Drop Drag Queen contestants Nikki Glaser, Lil Rel Howery, and Bob Saget are all trying to determine who the genuine queen is.

Fremantle’s new version of the famous game show from the 1950s, hosted by Anthony Anderson, is called To Tell the Truth.

Three guests claim to have done the same act, but only one has been sworn “To tell the truth” before a panel of celebrity candidates.

Players compete to win a statue of Anderson’s Mama Doris, who appears in each episode and awards points for correctly identifying the trio’s true claim to fame.

Not Just Ribbons And Rhinestones: Rhythmic Gymnast on to Tell the Truth

She waits gracefully for the music to begin. She’s wearing a body-hugging leotard adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Her hair is pulled back into a bun; and she’s applied eyeliner and eyeshadow on her face. She is clenching a ribbon in her fingers.

Acrobatics with a steady beat; rhythmic gymnastics. One may argue that it’s the most aesthetically pleasing sport ever. However, it is also one of the least well-known and recognised forms of the sport.

Having always lived in the shadow of its more well-known and established relative, artistic gymnastics (the kind that involves bars, vaults, balance beams, and tumbling).

Rhythmic gymnastics doesn’t involve any tumbling or flips. There are no balance beams or bars to hold on to. Compared to other gymnastic disciplines, this one is more graceful and rhythmic. As a result, most people misunderstand it or have an inaccurate impression of it.

Some people dismiss it as little more than a frilly, girlie activity because of its association with cosmetics, jewels, and glitz. They characterise it as nothing more than ribbon-twirling. A sport it is not.


A spokeswoman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the all-around rhythmic result at Tokyo 2020 a “forgery.” Prompting the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) to file an official complaint with the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Dina and Arina Averina, who are identical twins, had dominated the sport and were generally expected to vie for gold. But the ROC duo was unexpectedly beaten to the crown by Israel’s Linoy Ashram.


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