R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Chihuahuan freedom fighter Rogelio Romero, currently based in Japan. In preparation for his participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Rogelio Romero has arrived in Japan with the rest of the national boxing team.

R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Romero, along with boxers Esmeralda Flacón and Briana Tamara Cruz, departed Mexico on Friday night. It’s every single athlete in the country who competes in this field.

R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Coaching staff members Octavio J. Robles and César Morales, as well as delegate Abel Vargas Valencia, made the trip as well.

The lack of a qualifying event and the subsequent allocation of spots based on global ranking results in a relatively modest delegation. Romero, who was born in Ciudad Juárez and fights in the 81-kilogram weight class, was the only Mexican male to fare well in the rankings.

Seven days from now, on July 25, Romero will be thrust into action; until then, he will likely be sequestered. The name of his first-round opponent is still unknown.

Rogelio plans to compete in the Olympic boxing tournament in an effort to bring home the bronze for Chihuahua. Our state’s fighters, Cristian Bejarano in 2000 and Misael Rodrguez in 2016, both won bronze medals in this event in the most recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Héctor López, who won silver in Los Angeles in 1984, was the last Mexican boxer to reach a final in his division, while Ricardo Delgado, who won gold in Mexico in 1968, was the last Mexican boxer to win a world championship.

Romero and his fellow boxers were joined at the Mexico City airport by swimmers ngel Martnez and Gabriel Catao, as well as weightlifter Jonathan Muoz.

The Mexican Athletes in Beach Volleyball, Badminton, and Taekwondo left Shortly Thereafter.

Even though some events, including softball, will take place before July 23, the official start of the Tokyo Olympics, which were delayed by more than a year due to the Covid-19 outbreak, will be on July 23. On Sunday, August 8th, they will be over.

Romero Torres, Rogelio

February 22, 1995 is my birthday.

The author is 26 years old.

A mere 1.91 metres in stature

Dimensions: length x width x height x weight

The Discipline of Boxing

To divide: 81 kg


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