Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date


The release date, cast, trailer, and episodes for Season 6 of Queen of the South are all included in this post for your convenience. It’s been more than five years since the first crime-themed online series became a phenomenon.

The audience is currently anticipating Season 6 of Queen of the South. Read on if you’re a fan of the show who can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Season 3. It’s a criminal drama that’s been a huge hit on Netflix, an OTT service.

Due to the intrigue it generates with each new episode, this show has amassed a massive fan base. Let’s find out Queen of the South season 6 release date.


Queen of the South Season 6 Renewal

Nothing has been said about a sixth season since the fifth one was shown. Queen of the South has been renewed for a sixth season, but supporters are getting restless.

But, Netflix has not yet said whether or not the show will be renewed, despite the hopes of the many fans who have asked about it.

Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date

In light of the show’s historical release schedule, we can expect the Queen of the South season 6 release date to premiere in 2023. Nevertheless, we haven’t heard anything official yet. If Netflix and the show’s producers opt to continue it, the renewal will be announced without delay.

Queen of the South Season 6 Cancellation Confirmed?

The sixth season of Queen of the South will not be airing. USA Network made the announcement in August, a few months after the debut of the fifth season. If you’re just now learning about Queen of the South, you’ll be disappointed to know that the show was cancelled in March 2021, a month before the fifth and final season premiered.

On June 9, 2021, after 62 episodes were aired, the series finale aired on USA Network. When NBCUniversal decided to reduce the number of original scripted series it was producing for USA Network, it canceled the sixth season of Queen of the South.

The business has shifted its focus to creating scripted shows for Peacock while making the United States its base for reality TV. The show was developed by both 20th Century Fox Television and Universal Content Productions, a division of NBCUniversal.

The Disney takeover of 20th Television, however, means that Queen of the South is no longer part of that company’s purview.

Why was the Queen of the South Season 6 Canceled?

Around a month before Season 5’s premiere in April 2021, Netflix announced that it would be the last. Frances Berwick, chairwoman of Entertainment Networks (the company that owns the United States), remarked in a press statement, “For five magnificent seasons, Queen of the South has entranced us with creative narrative and intriguing characters.”

We’re thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with 20th Television and UCP, as well as the show’s brilliant writers, actors, and other members of the production staff.

As we wrap out this saga, we anticipate a fantastic final season that will deliver the satisfying conclusion our devoted audience members have been waiting for. Prior to its cancellation, the show was USA’s highest-rated original drama.

What is the Mystery in the Queen of the South?

The global drug trade operates covertly and continuously. Queen of the South features a female drug courier, a role often played by men. This is a tale of illegal trade and criminal enterprise.

The web series is based on the novel by Pérez-Reverte. An impoverished woman with aspirations of opulence tells the tale. In the meantime, she joins the drug cartel and quickly establishes her own “Drug Empire” on the path to financial independence.

Most people think the Queen is married, however that turns out to be a complete fabrication. Téa remains a single woman. There has been no such incident concerning her marriage to date, despite the fact that Guero was closer to her.

Queen Of The South Season 6 Story

After the Vargas Cartel kills her partner, the story follows Teresa Mendoza, a destitute Mexican lady, as she builds a drug empire. In America, she was rescued by Epifarnio Vargas’s brother Camilla Vargas after escaping from her husband’s pursuit for the stolen book of operations.

As she was skilled with numbers, James encouraged her to pursue a career as a drug runner. She handed Camilla the book and invited her to join the team. Epifarnio Vargas’ pursuit of her will continue as she begins her new life in this world and begins to make deals and alliances while dodging him.


In April, viewers of the USA Network blockbuster series Queen of the South on Netflix caught up on the most recent episodes in a marathon session. The Queen of the South will end with its upcoming sixth season, so fans shouldn’t hold their breath and waiting for the Queen of the South season 6 release date.

The cancellation of Queen of the South was announced in the summer of 2021, around the same time when new episodes premiered on the USA Network.


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