How To Fix ‘Outlook Keeps Asking For Your Password’ Error


Microsoft Outlook deals with web browsing, journal logging, contact managing, task managing, calendar, to-do list, notepad, email services. Various other independent applications that are integrated under one software. Moreover, the users could utilized it as a standalone option or could be accessed through Microsoft office suite.

Successfully launched by the company Microsoft, Outlook has pleased users for decades until recent times when they encountered issues while using the application. Clients complained that the software demanded user password every single time they tried to gain access to their data or check emails.

This issue might occur due to various reasons some of them being: there is a high tendency that the user ID you’re trying to gain access to has been corrupted for some time now or your profile needs authentication since it might have been configured which is why the password prompt keeps asking for the user password.

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How to Fix Outlook Keeps Asking for your Password?

Don’t you worry, as this issue can be solved by doing small fixes here and there? Try all the methods suggested below, this should solve your problem.

Method 1: Reset the Login Setting for Outlook

Resetting the login setting for outlook could be an effective but time-consuming solution to your problem. To do so please follow the steps prescribed below

On your PC find ‘control panel’ and tap on ‘ credentials manager’. Scroll through and find ‘user accounts’ and then ‘credential manager’. Under the Windows Credentials section, you will find some stored credentials referencing of office 365 or Outlook email addresses, clear it.

Under details find ‘remove from vaults’ and tap on the same. Find the option that states ‘yes’ on the warning box ad click on it. You will have to repeat the process mentioned above until you remove each and every credential that is linked to your email.

This method should be able to solve your problem, if not! don’t you worry we still have many more solutions to your problem follow them properly and one of these alternatives should be able to clear your issue?

Method 2: Create a New Profile

In case nothing works and the problem still persists there are higher indications that the application has a bug somewhere within the profile, in such cases the best alternative could be to deactivate the existing profile and creating a new one. This will help you to put things back in order. To do so run the steps mentioned below correctly.

The first step is to exit outlook and head towards the control panel, find mail and click on it. Under ‘show profiles’ you will find ‘add’ option click on it. Now type your credentials (details) and tap ok.

On your screen, you will find ‘next’ click on it and then tap on ‘Finish’ to complete the creation of your new profile. Now head back to the main window, under new profile find ‘ always use this profile’ and select it.

Your problem should be solved. In case the problem still continues I suggest you grab some coffee because it’s time you check the next few methods which will require some attention.

Method 3: Disable your Antivirus Program Temporarily or Boot into Safe Mode

There is a high tendency that the antivirus program which is installed on your PC would be interfering with Microsoft Outlook. In such circumstances, the best alternative could be to disable the antivirus program for a few days.

Use Outlook to conduct some activities like send emails and other duties, if things work out well then reinstall the antivirus. Moreover, this should enable the user to check whether the antivirus software has blocked Outlook, which is why the software was asking for a password on a continuous base.

Method 4: Start Outlook in Safe Mode and Disable Add-ins

To open outlook with the safe mode you can simply press the Ctrl. Key while opening the outlook shortcut, as safe mode starts without any extensions or custom toolbar settings. Moreover, one should understand the fact that safe mode on outlook and safe mode used while opening Windows are two different entities.

Furthermore, the user can boot into safe mode before starting outlook, but doing so doesn’t mean it that it is the only thing required to start outlook in safe mode automatically. To disable add-ins refer to the method mentioned below:

Under file find ‘options’ tap on it and select ‘add-in’ which you will find on your left-hand panel. A window will pop up, view, and manage all your add-in which are already installed.

The next step is to select all the add-in which you do not require by clicking on the remove button. If the error doesn’t appear now, it states that there was an issue with your add-in in such circumstances disable it.

Method 5: Outlook Anywhere is not Configured to use NTLM Authentication

Try the below-mentioned steps to reduce the password prompts on Outlook:

Scroll and navigate to file, you will come across settings click on the option ‘account settings’. Under that, you will find an ‘exchange account’ click on it and select change. Furthermore, go to more settings and then the connection tab. Select exchange proxy settings option which will be listed under proxy authentication then select NTLM authentication.

This should do the job as many users have time and again reported that NTLM authentication could solve their problem by reducing the amount of password prompt by a great number. Do try this method out.

Method 6: Slow or Unstable Network Connection

In case you suffer from an unstable network you are generally prone to this issue. Here the best solution I could suggest is to switch to a more stable internet facility.

FAQ: Learn More About Outlook Password Issues

How can I Get an Outlook to Stop Asking for my Password?

Try all the above-mentioned alternatives. However, the best two suggestions are reset your login settings. Check your credentials settings, this will do the job. I suggest you visit ‘guide to solve outlook password issues’ for appropriate solutions

Why does my Email Keep Asking for my Password?

Many of us come across this issue wherein our email denies to login and repeatedly demands the password. Do check your internet connectivity it is probably unstable and slow.

Why does the Outlook Password Box Disappear?

Outlook password box vanishes normally when there are informally formatted credentials that are stored in the PC’s credential manager. Do visit the guide to fix the outlook password box disappearing error for an appropriate solution.

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Microsoft outlook has proved to be busy corporates favorite as its a one roof solution to most of their problems. The application helps them to not only send emails but also enables them to hold video conferences, set reminders, appointments, etc.

Few of the users faced password prompt error were they had to log in every single time which was frustrating. I am sure the above mentioned six solutions have solved the issues.


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