New World the First Thing I Remember

New World the First Thing I Remember

The New World update that was scheduled to provide players the final objective in the game’s main storyline had to be postponed because of a glitch, and so Amazon did just that. The official New World Twitter has announced that a “bug detected late” is to blame for the hold up.

Amazon explained the update was delayed because of an issue that was discovered at the last minute and now needs to be rectified.

Wednesday morning is when we may expect to see the new version. There will probably be more information revealed on Twitter.

New World the First Thing I Remember

Over the past few weeks, the Heart of Madness upgrade has been available on New World’s public test server.

Players will receive a task of the same name from Yseult Meredith at Mountain Home Outpost in Shattered Mountain, signalling the end of the main storyline.

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How to Fix the “The First Thing I Remember” Quest Bug in New World?

To resolve the issue and finish “The First Thing I Remember” quest in New World, speak with Santiago Salazar (NPC) on the beach in the northwest area of the Restless Shore.

Santiago Salazar, a New World NPC, appears to be disoriented and frequently moves around the region.

While in the midst of the “The First Thing I Remember” quest, he decides to leave his current area. The northwest beaches of the Restless Shore area would be a good place to look for him.

His new location should have a mission marker on it, but it should be greyed out. You can get the mission marker back on the map by talking to him.

Don’t give up if you run into this issue; Santiago will remain invisible in his starting location, making it impossible to continue the mission.

New World Baetylus Headpiece Quest not Progressing Bug Escalated for Further Investigation

Amazon Games’ New World is a well-liked massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Set at the imaginary Aeternum Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the book debuted in September of last year.

The game’s player count has been progressively decreasing, from an average of 400k in September of last year to 65k in January of 2022. Players may inevitably run across glitches and bugs, but that’s to be expected with any newly released video game.

However, as of late (1, 2, 3), gamers in the New World have reported that they are stuck at the Baetylus Headpiece quest. The bug appears to have been impacting players for some time, as there are reports of it as far back as December 2021.

There have been reports of players attempting to restart the quest by erasing all of their progress and beginning fresh, but to no avail.

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Amazon Game Studios, the studio responsible for New World, has addressed issues including permanent sickness and poor application rates in PvP with patch 12.2.

The update also corrects a bug that allowed players to cancel the cooldown after shooting a bow by jumping. Similarly, players could slip out of the way to cancel the animation of Void Blade heavy attacks.


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