N Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

N Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Final chapter! As professional athletes, Dalhausser and Lucena are appreciative of their volleyball careers.

N Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

As soon as American beach volleyball player Nick Lucena beat Argentina to extend his Olympic stay, he had grand plans: treatment, a shower, “maybe get my nails done, all that stuff.”

N Lucena Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Phil Dalhausser, his Companion, Mumbled, “Jerk,” Beneath his Breath.

Dalhausser is in a modified quarantine since he sat next to Taylor Crabb, a fellow beach volleyball player who tested positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Japan, whereas Lucena is free to roam the Olympic Village (as much as anyone is with a state of emergency in Tokyo).

For the five days leading up to the Tokyo Olympics, the squad was unable to train together, and even now, they are restricted to practising only during predetermined late-night hours, after the rest of the facility’s users have gone home. They still have trouble training with other groups.

An Olympic Worker always Follows Dalhausser about to Clean the Gear after he Uses it.

After a match, he has no place to shower, and his hotel room is so crammed with books that the only place he can lift weights is on top of a box of bottled water.

All of this because he was considered a close associate of Crabb’s. As a result of sharing a plane with Crabb, two other American players, Jake Gibb and Kelly Claes, are also being held in seclusion.

After defeating Julian Azaad and Nicolas Capogrosso 21-19, 18-21, 15-6 on Thursday, Dalhausser remarked, “I’m 41 years old and I’m not permitted to undergo treatment, so I’m trying to figure it out.”

Dalhausser, a four-time Olympian who won gold in 2008, said, “I’m very self-sufficient, but there are some things I just can’t get to.” And that, by far, has been the hardest thing.

Dalhausser, who was free to roam the athletes’ hamlet for a week after his arrival, is confused by some of the circumstances surrounding his confinement.

After Claes and Sarah Sponcil beat Kenya on Thursday to advance to 2-0, Claes commented, “It’s perplexing.”

We were in the village for eight days before they told us anything, during which time Sarah and I shared a room. I can’t figure it out. Just playing the role I’ve been given.

Dalhausser claimed that, with his arms outstretched, he could practically touch both walls of his original quarantine housing.

Just know that it was difficult.

On the third day, he said, “Team USA busted me out” and transferred him to a Hilton. To paraphrase, “Everyone has been quite encouraging. Simply put, it is fantastic. Indeed, things could be far worse.

Moreover, he mentioned that Crabb, who did test positive for COVID-19, has been released from quarantine and is already back in Hawaii with his family. A close contact isolation protocol has not been lifted for Dalhausser, Claes, or Gibb.

Lucena has observed that “Phil’s kind of removed from everything.” As the old saying goes, “If I get into it, all I’ll do is get upset and swear a couple of times.”

Dalhausser responded negatively when asked if he thought it was fair to compete against teams who had access to medical care and training that he did not.

However, I do have an appreciation for the context. Tokyo is being as careful as they can be, and I respect that,” he remarked. Sorry this had to happen to us, but it does.

Lucena Departed the Press Conference area Shortly after. Dalhausser Pleaded with the Media to Stay.

I have to take a COVID exam at 2:30,” he announced. In other words, “I’m going to waste some time.”

Dalhausser and Lucena’s triumph brought their Tokyo record to 2-1, virtually guaranteeing them a spot in the medal round. After beating Kenya in 25 minutes, Claes and Sponcil moved to 2-0 and set a new Olympic record for the quickest women’s match since the 2002 Olympics switched to rally scoring and the best-of-three sets format.

The American duo probably sealed a playoff berth after defeating Brackcides Khadambi and Gaudencia Makokha 21-8, 21-6. Saturday’s game against Brazil is their last remaining contest.

In other men’s events, the Czech duo of Ondrej Perusic and David Schweiner required a third set to defeat Mexico after forfeiting their first match due to Perusic testing positive for COVID-19 and going into quarantine.

Melissa Humana-Paredes and Sarah Pavan of Canada finished first in Pool A with a perfect 3-0 record after sweeping Switzerland (2-1) in their final rounds. The German duo of Karla Borger and Julia Sude were defeated by the Dutch (1-2). (0-3).


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