How To Fix ‘MSVCP140.dll is Missing’ Error


There are certain externally owned branches of an application which runs on certain operating systems as well as windows commonly known as Dynamic Link Libraries  or DLL.

Many a time we see that these apps are partially done i.e. they Normally have various codes stored in different files. In case a particular code is required, it is automatically generated and loaded into the memory.

MSVCP140.dll is Missing

If this command is not generated then it can be concluded that DLL file might be corrupted, you may receive a message stating DLL file is missing too.

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1. Install the MSVCP140.dll File

Many a time then MSVCP140.dll file isn’t installed in your PC. Don’t you worry as this could be solved by just installing the same by using the Client.

This should solve the matter. It’s so easy that the user doesn’t need to worry about anything, something as small as downloading the wrong file or which system the file runs on. It is automatically generated by the DLL file.

Step 1:– Download the Client file and install it.

Step 2:- Now run the application.

Step 3:- On your panel search box type in MSVCP140.dll and select  Search for DLL file.

Step 4:- In your search results tap on msvcp140.dll.

Step 5:- Tap on install (In case during installation you receive a message register the program do so).

This should solve your problem. In case the problem still persists then follow the methods listed below accurately to solve your problems.

2. Run a Virus Scan For Your System

Often noticed that MSVCP140.dll Is Missing’ error occurs when the virus scan installed on your PC doesn’t detect the MSVCP140.dll file. There is a high chance that the virus package installed on your PC may create the whole problem.

To check whether this is the cause first step would be to run the virus scan throughout your windows system. This might cost you sometime be patient because this could solve your problem.

Try different virus scan software’s like Avira and Panda incase your antivirus application doesn’t not detect the file.

Sometimes there are chances of a malicious software being detected. In such times I suggest you try to fix the anti virus software by following the instructions mentioned accurately.

Now it’s time to restart your PC and finally float the software to check whether the problem still persists.

3. Switch to ChromeOS

Speaking about Windows one would agree to the fact that this decade old software has been the favourite of many. From its first launch in November 1983 until the latest version windows 10 was a pack of brilliance.

Today, we live in the so called Internet era where most of our job is done via internet through use of Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, Facebook, Dropbox, Spotify and various other applications.

This has changed the way we look at windows overall. We No more have local file storage  or locally installed programs.

Is this a major issue? Maybe or maybe not. But it is so seen that when an user is constantly using the software installing and installing it.

There PC is prone to have access to various viruses as well as other malware. The problem is caused due to Windows’ insecure permission system.

Even though this was one of the best inventions even it came out with a lot of flaws every now and then that created unsatisfied customers specially the way the handled installed software and hardware.

Users would face issue like the computer would shut down unexpectedly, or a program installs, uninstalls or updates incorrectly or you may experience ‘registry’ corruptions. This lead to the software being unstable over time.

Have u ever encountered full storage issue? Many of us must have faced it. This is because every filled present in the PC is normally stored locally which is why normally the storage space is full which leads to the software running slower.

An unsatisfied customer will always be a brand switcher and this was no less seen in Windows. Many users switch to a better and more stable software like Google ChromeOS.

Window and Google ChromeOS are very much similar and can be used to conduct similar activities too like email, presentation, documents etc.

But here everything is clubbed under one website rather like different applications like windows. There is no anti virus issues or malware nor does your software go slower and unstable over time. Overall this is a better software.

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MSVCP140.dll is missing is a common issue faced by many users of windows time and again but do not worry as I guess by now most of the problems you faced due to this malfunctioning must be solved.

Overall Windows is an amazing software but just has few faws here and there which can be solved easily.


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