Mark Sievers Curtis Wayne Wright Wedding


Doctor Teresa Sievers, who had been on vacation with her husband and two daughters, vanished without a trace after leaving Southwest Florida International Airport en route back to work.

Sievers was scheduled to see his doctor the following day, but he didn’t make it. A few hours after Sievers’s husband called a neighbor to check on her, that neighbor found her body. She was dead on the kitchen floor after being hit over and over with a hammer.

On the A&E documentary series Killer Cases, viewers can hear a distraught Dr. Mark Petrites tell the 911 operator, “She’s bashed in the back of the skull.” Mark Sievers Curtis Wayne Wright Wedding reference to Dr. Sievers’ murder.

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The Sievers Investigation Begins Icy

They were all at a loss to explain what had occurred. No signs of forced entry were found, and the safe containing over $40,000 in cash was left untouched, suggesting that stealing was not the primary motive for the murders.

In addition, Dr. Sievers’ husband, Mark Sievers, was ruled out of the murder investigation since he was out of town with the couple’s daughters at the time of the slaying. Several preliminary indications were mistaken.

As a result of online conspiracy theorists pointing out the murders of two other Florida-based holistic doctors in the same month. As Dr. Sievers’, local media began to speculate about a possible serial killer targeting the holistic medicine community.

The Killers Have Been Captured

After two weeks of looking for him, the detectives got some time off. Concerned citizens in Missouri tipped off authorities about career criminal Curtis Wayne Wright, who has an extensive record of convictions.

Detectives had been looking into Wright specifically at first, but they soon expanded their investigation to include Jimmy Ray Rodgers as well.

Authorities used GPS data from a rental car that both men had rented to prove that they had driven from Missouri to Bonita Springs in the hours before the event, despite their initial denials of involvement.

The men’s story was backed up by surveillance footage from a Florida Walmart, which showed them purchasing a variety of odd items, including all-black clothing, lock-picking tools, and even towels.

Investigators determined that Rodgers had confessed the crime to his purported lover Taylor Shomaker after conversing with her. She then directed them to where Rodgers had discarded his bloodstained clothing at the crime scene.

The Sievers Case Starts Cold as Well

There was initially a lack of leads for investigators. There was no evidence of a burglary because the house had not been plundered and a safe containing more than $40,000 in cash had been left intact.

Nevertheless, Dr. Sievers’s spouse Mark Sievers and their daughters were out of town at the time of the murder. This eliminates any direct family members as possible killers. As the story progressed, there were a few false leads.

Local media speculated about a possible holistic medicine serial killer. After online conspiracy theorists pointed out the deaths of two other Florida-based holistic doctors in the same month as Dr. Sievers’.

The police dutifully pursued that line of inquiry but eventually ran into dead end. No physical evidence was found, prosecutor Cynthia Ross said on Killer Cases. To paraphrase, “This was very close to being the ideal crime” related to the Mark Sievers Curtis Wayne Wright Wedding.

Mark Sievers Curtis Wayne Wright Wedding Killers Captured

It took the investigators two weeks to get a break in their inquiry. Curtis Wayne Wright, a career criminal with a long rap sheet, was reported to authorities after a tip from a concerned citizen in Missouri.

After initially focusing on Wright, police immediately broadened their inquiry to include Jimmy Ray Rodgers, another career criminal.

Both men denied any participation when first questioned, but authorities were able to use GPS data from a rental car both men had leased to show they had driven from Missouri to Bonita Springs in the hours before the crime.

Surveillance footage from a Florida Walmart bolstered their case by showing the suspects buying black towels, black shoes, and a lock-picking tool, among other things.

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Mark Sievers wiped away tears with a tissue as Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. detailed how he and Jimmy Ray Rodgers murdered Mark’s wife Teresa Sievers on Thursday afternoon.

On the second day of Mark Sievers’ trial, Wright testified that when Teresa Sievers first saw him in their home, he was rushing at her with a hammer and she thought he was her husband.

When questioned by Assistant State Attorney Hamid Hunter, Wright gave the jury a detailed account of the murder of Teresa Sievers, including the motive, the means, and the aftermath.


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