M. Jelic Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

M. Jelic Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Knin is getting ready to celebrate the return of Olympic gold medalist Matea Jeli.

M. Jelic Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On Monday, Index.hr reported that Matea Jeli won the taekwondo gold medal bout at the Olympic Games in Tokyo after defeating Lauren Williams of Great Britain.

M. Jelic Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The Arrival of our Mateja has Filled us with Delight and Anticipation.

The entire city witnessed the battle for gold, but we were prevented from celebrating together because of strict hygiene regulations.

However, today she had the support of every household in Knin “Knin Mayor Marijo ai told Index that he was overjoyed by Mateja Jeli’s (also from Knin) historic victory over Great Britain’s Lauren Williams in the taekwondo final. Jeli, 23, is the first Croatian to win a world championship in taekwondo.

She Started out in Knin Club DIV before Moving on to TK Marjan Split.

“The hard work and dedication of our coaches and players has paid off, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes. There is no such thing as a fluke in Mateja’s medal, and Knin’s gold medal at the Olympics was no fluke either.

I’d like to congratulate the Split Marjan professional team for carrying on the work that was begun in Knin. Mateja went to college in Split, so it made sense for her to keep playing for the team that had won the most trophies this season.

Today, Marjan Split is enjoying his two medals, and I’d want to add my congratulations to Toni Kanaet. I have no words; this is fantastic, though we are used to Mateja’s victories at this point.

Eight years ago, when she first became a junior world champion, she thrilled us all. She rules Knin as our queen.

I attempted to contact her parents, but her mom Ljiljana declined, saying that today is only Mateja’s special day “According to Index, the Mayor of Knin stated.

Matea has Expressed her Desire to Return to Knin Wearing an Olympic medal, and ai has Assured her that her wish will Come True.

“After taking the necessary precautions against an epidemic, we will host a reception in her honour.

So far, the situation in Knin appears to be improving; there have been no new cases of infection reported, and the small number of infected individuals are all related.

Once I get in touch with Mateja’s relatives, we can settle on the finer points of the celebration. It’s coming in a few days, and we know it’s going to be amazing “”, Knin’s mayor put it.

Marko Jeli, the prefect of the county of ibenik-knin, has been by Mateja’s side throughout her entire professional life.

“Matea Jeli is a household name at this point. Of course, I say this somewhat facetiously, but I am well aware of the tremendous work she expended to win.

She went to School with my Kid, so I’ve known her Forever.

She’s one sharp cookie that knows exactly what she wants out of life. There are many sacrifices in her past, but she has finally accomplished her mission.

In short, she has my admiration. I had no question in my mind that she would win an Olympic medal someday, and that it would be gold.

I was not surprised by her at all; rather, I had feared that an injury would hamper her “Jelia said Index and continued:

Our Knin Cares Deeply about her doing well.

Everyone who visits our city falls in love with it, but locals are feeling a little something different today.

Matea is the European champion, and as of today, the Olympic champion as well. She has the freedom to do as she pleases with her life.

But the Kri waterfall in Knin is where she finally relaxes. From her initial training session through her victory on the Olympic podium, she knows she had our full support “Jeli came to an end.


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