M. Belmonte Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

M. Belmonte Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

It’s important to spread the sisterhood of the Women’s Race, says Mireia Belmonte.

M. Belmonte Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The Central Lechera Asturiana Women’s Race, which the Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte is sponsoring this Sunday in Madrid, is an event she believes would “promote camaraderie” in the sporting world as a whole.

M. Belmonte Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There needs to be an Emphasis on Physical Activity and Healthy Eating.

I believe we could spread the sisterhood of the Women’s Race to the entire sporting community. The ambassador of Banco Santander, one of the event’s sponsors, predicted that “people will get together to do future Women’s Races in swimming or any other specialisation.”

The Olympic swimmer helped spread a giant pink ribbon over the starting line so that it could be seen from above by the runners.

The project by Banco Santander featured a banner 50 metres long and 17 metres broad, making visible the aid in the battle against cancer and underlining the significance of early detection.

After being honoured for her service as the Spanish team’s flag bearer at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, she was tasked with starting the race.

The marathon, which took place in the streets of Madrid, coloured the streets pink once again, and drew the participation of around 30,000 women. The race covered the slightly more than seven kilometres of course that connects Calle Serrano with Paseo de Camoens.

A test won by both the Madrilenian Marina Mart and the Serbian Sladjana Zagorac served to claim and promote the inclusion of women of all ages in the regular practise of sport, the fight against cancer and awareness of the importance of prevention, the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits to avoid it as much as possible, and the fight against gender violence and the social and educational inequalities suffered by women.

By sponsoring events like the Women’s Race and the Santander Golf Tour (the only women’s circuit for professional golfers in Spain), as well as by supporting female athletes like Mireia Belmonte and Carolina Marn, Banco Santander hopes to inspire more women to get involved in sports and help them develop professionally.


The goal of Sports Santander’s sponsorship is to increase the public’s access to popular sports while also encouraging people to adopt more physically active lifestyles.


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