Johannes Thingnes Boe 2022 Winter Olympics

Johannes Thingnes Boe 2022 Winter Olympics

Thrilling Biathlon Mixed Relay Gold for Norway at the 2022 Winter Olympics, LED by Johnnes Thingnes Boe.

Johannes Thingnes Boe 2022 Winter Olympics

A thrilling biathlon mixed relay gold medal race was won by Norway thanks to the efforts of Johannes Thingnes Boe, who ultimately prevailed in a three-way sprint to the finish line.

Johannes Thingnes Boe 2022 Winter Olympics

Thingnes Boe narrowed a nine-second advantage in the final 2.5 kilometres to beat out the defending champion French team and the Russian Olympic Committee. Norway had seemed unlikely winners after three penalty loops and a terrible second leg from Tiril Eckhoff.

After a breathless race that saw the Swedes, Italians, and Americans move in and out of medal contention, the season’s first biathlon relay came down to the line with the three tied in a sprint finish.

As a result of the wind and cold, the top three teams in the shooting competition had to complete a total of seven penalty loops, a first for the competition.

Italy Leads in the lead after a Stunning run by Lisa Vittozzi, while Norway and Germany both had Shaky First halves.

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland, Norway’s first shooter, got off to a bad start when she shattered a pole and had trouble adjusting the scope on her rifle.

The French were well than a minute behind after a dismal first loop, but thanks to a solid standing shoot from Roeiseland, the Norwegians jumped up to seventh place and led the Italians into the first exchange.

And the Pyeongchang gold medalists France came back to within 13 seconds because to Julia Simon’s incredible leg.

They overtook Italy to take the lead into the second exchange, but Norway fell to last after Eckhoff was called for three penalty loops.

At the fifth shooting, the wind died down, and Émilien Jacquelinn widened France’s lead to 20 seconds over Italy and Sweden.

Jacquelin’s weak standing shoot resulted in a penalty loop, which the Russian Olympic Committee converted into a victory.

The last leg got Underway with the Russian Olympic Committee in the lead, Followed by Sweden and France.

Norway, who were sitting in last place, were hoping that their best player, Thingnes Boe, would help them catch up.

The United States Olympic Team was eliminated after the seventh shooting due to a penalty loop, but the Russian Olympic Team retained their advantage thanks to Eduard Latypov.

A exciting conclusion saw the Russian Olympic Committee come out ahead of France, with Norway’s Johannes Thingnes Boe close behind.

Thingnes Boe was right behind Quentin Fillon Maillet of France, who closed a nine-second advantage to nine metres before Latypov.

After Therese Johaug’s victory in the women’s 15-kilometer skiathlon, the Norwegian proved to have the most gas in the tank, pulling away to win Norway its second gold medal of the day.


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