If the Birdie Hits the Line it is Considered

If the Birdie Hits the Line it is Considered

The shuttlecock’s head will be the part that hits the floor first when it descends. It is deemed inside if the shuttlecock’s head crosses the boundary line. The Badminton Rules Two players (in singles) or four players (in doubles) can compete in a game.

Indoors, with standard court dimensions, is required for an official contest.┬áThe court is 6.1m by 13.4m in size, with a 1.55m net positioned in the centre. The shuttlecock must land within the boundaries of the opponent’s court for a point to be awarded.

If the Birdie Hits the Line it is Considered

If the shuttlecock is hit by the net or lands outside, the other player receives a point. In a game of tennis, the serve must travel across the net at an acute angle.

Each time a side scores a point, the serving stations switch sides. If your first serve is not successful, your opponent will win the point. When serving, the ball must be hit under the server’s armpit and below the waist. There must be no overhand serves.

The winner of the toss will choose who serves first and from which side of the court the game will begin. When the shuttlecock is in play, a player is free to go wherever they like on the court. The shuttlecock may be hit from outside the court.

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Rules: If the Birdie Hits the Line it is Considered?

During Competitive Professional Games

The line judges at a badminton match are in charge of determining whether or not the shuttlecock crossed the court line.

Ten officials will be stationed on each line at all times in competitive events. However, line judges are only human and can make mistakes occasionally.

During Casual Sessions

If the shuttlecock lands close to the line, it can be hard to tell if it’s inside or outside.

Since there are no line judges in casual games, the player closest to the line should make the call.

In most cases, you will have a better chance of making a correct prediction if you are located somewhat close to the spot where the shuttlecock lands.

If the player who is closest to the line is unsure, the rally must be replayed and no points will be given out for that point. Remember, it’s only a fun diversion!

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The shuttle is regarded to have scored a “in” when it crosses the court’s centerline. The singles side of the court has an outdoor viewing gallery.

There is no service in doubles when the server is in the back court or the back gallery. In both cases, the service is considered short if the shuttle is attended to before the service line.

When the score is an odd number, the left side of the court is used for the service, and when it’s an even number, the right side is used.


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