How To Make A Heart in Minecraft?

How To Make A Heart in Minecraft

Can you make large statues? Do you want to add something special to your Minecraft environment, but don’t want to spend too much time doing so? If that’s the case, you need this manual.

Putting a large statue of a heart in the centre of your hamlet will draw even more attention to its charm. Making a heart in Minecraft requires very little work or resources. Okay, let’s not dally any longer and figure out how to construct a heart.

Material of a Statue with a Heart

How To Make A Heart in Minecraft

As a group, we can agree that Minecraft is the ultimate game for creative expression through construction. Size, style, and form are immaterial. A large or tiny heart statue can be sculpted as a result. It may be a single hue or comprised of many.

Here’s how to construct a life-size wool block heart sculpture using only red and black wool. When creating it, you can use whichever blocks and colours you like.

To obtain a wool block, one must first kill or shear a sheep. Because it is simple to dye this block any colour, we have decided to use it. Concrete blocks can also be used and given a splash of colour by being dyed. There are sixteen colour possibilities to pick from while decorating both blocks.

Guide: How To Make A Heart in Minecraft?

Making a heart is a simple process. In other words, you are welcome to begin immediately.

Step 1. The placement of a statue of a heart is crucial. It all depends on how big your heart is, therefore pick the right location.

Step 2. Start by constructing the outline with red and black bricks, using two black blocks as a foundation.

Step 3. Arrange four black blocks in a diagonal line from right to left.

Step 4. It’s best to stack red blocks on top of each black block as you move upwards.

Step 5. At each corner of your building, stack two black blocks.

Step 6. Combine the black bricks from the inside with two red ones.

Step 7. In the far-most corner, stack four black cubes on top of each other. Make sure both sides get the treatment.

Step 8. In a similar fashion, line up four red and four black blocks side by side.

Step 9. To do this, stack a black block over a red one on both sides.

Step 10. Now, shut off this line of red blocks with the black block you just put in, but this time from the inside. After that, two black squares connect the heart’s chambers.

Step 11. Three red blocks at the top need to be covered by black ones, and then the outline will be complete.

Step 12. Dot the heart with red wool blocks and get started filling it in. To further enhance its aesthetic value, you may include two blocks of pink or white colour.

Your statue of a heart is finished and ready for display.


With any luck, you’ll find this tutorial to be informative and useful, and you’ll soon have the skills necessary to construct your own statue of the heart. Remember that the heart can be coloured to match your tastes.

Simply choose any colour for the fill and an outline. Likewise, we may modify the heart’s size by adding or removing outline pieces.


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