How to Get Free Internet


The Internet is an essential thing in today’s life. The most significant change in today’s life is the Internet. Everything is available online. There is nothing that the Internet can’t provide or do for us.

So you may feel that finding a free Internet is impossible. But it is not as difficult as it seems. The Internet services are providing offers and unlimited internet plans at homes .

In addition, they are developing new and innovative techniques. There are free applications designed to find free local WiFi.

Non-profit making organization has established a partnership with a service provider that is affordable to low-income earners. The providers benefit from users who use the free Internet, so they try to provide the best internet services for free.

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How to Get Free Internet?

Here are the best ways of getting free Internet. However, free WiFi can’t always give a good internet. The speed can be slow, there can be restrictions to use, or there can be connectivity issues. If you are looking for high-speed, then you better go with low-cost Internet.

1. WiFi Free Spot For Free Internet

WiFi spot is helpful to identify regional and national enterprises in your area that can offer free WiFi at no cost. It is a site that is reachable only by clicking your province or state. It will display all WiFi locations that are available at no charge.

Free WiFi spots are essential to the people who are moving from one place to another. Some libraries have electronic devices like a computer by which you can have internet access. Make sure you are a member of the public library to get free WiFi/Internet service.


  • You don’t have to pay any amount and use the free WiFi.
  • You can get access every time you move to another place.
  • You can connect this public WiFi with any device you want.

2. Check With Your Service Providers for Free Internet

Some Internet providers have free Internet offers, but they don’t disclose this to their subscribers. They provide free data plans with discounts or low prices. Before you agree to any service, make sure you go through all the available queries and options. It will help you to choose wisely.

If you bundle the services with the ISPs, then there are chances to get free Internet services. Some Internet services have bundled the phone, tv, and other devices to save the customer’s money. If you have more than one service, then you can get internet service free of cost, valid for a year. You can save a lot of money through this. After a year, you can avail the other offers on the Internet.


  • Internet service providers( ISPs) help you to lower your Internet bill.
  • You can avail of other offers and discounts.
  • People with lower income can easily afford these Internet Services.

3. Search For a Municipal Wireless Network in Your Area

You can find many municipal wireless networks with free WiFi across many areas. These municipal wireless connections are citywide networks with WiFi connections with different companies and the government offices in the entire city. These kinds of networks are provided mainly for the people who can’t afford to have one, like less privileged schools and families.

These sorts of networks are available in large metropolitan areas; other regions also implement the idea by seeing this. Municipal wireless connections are beyond the public libraries and coffee shops. These networks are safe and directly connected to businesses and employees.


  • Municipal wireless networks are the best for people who cannot afford to have one.
  • It has widespread access to the fast Internet.
  • The local government will be monitoring these municipal networks closely.

4. Use Your Phone as a Hotspot For Free Internet

In smartphones, there is an option of the hotspot. You can click on your hotspot on your phone and connect the Internet to any device you want to use. Once you recharge your phone with an unlimited package, you can have free internet access. You can also make your hotspot secured by adding the password so that limited people can access your hotspot.

Using the phone as a hotspot for free Internet has become common these days. Even the people who have WiFi are using hotspots during the power cut. Usually, the phone data will be consumed a lot, so make sure you buy a good volume of the package on your phone. Unlimited WiFi hotspot is much cheaper than Internet separately.


  • You can access other devices with your hotspot without any additional costs.
  • A good volume of data can give good speed to your Internet.
  • Even in the power cut, you can work smoothly.

5. Ask a Neighbor For Free Internet

You can have free Internet from your neighbors too. If your neighbor has a WiFi connection, then you can ask them to share the password. So that you can use the free Internet. Make sure you have good relations with your neighbor in the first place.

If you have friendly neighbors, then it’s well and good. But if they are not pleasant, then there are chances that they expect something from you in exchange for free Internet. So be prepared for it and let your neighbors know if you are ready for it.

Also, assure them that you will not miss using the Internet by visiting unacceptable websites, and the password will be safe with you. In this way, you can gain their trust and agree on good terms.


  • You can have free WiFi with no cost payment.
  • You will have good Internet speed.
  • You need not have to worry about the charges and use unlimited.

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It is easy to get free Internet these days. If there is no option you find for free Internet, then go for a hotspot. A hotspot is the most reliable way to use free Internet with the best advantages.

Note: Make sure you don’t use some illegal services. Do some investigation before you connect to any free WiFi. Many fake connections can hack your personal information once connected.


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