How Many German Shepherds Does Simone Biles Have

How Many German Shepherds Does Simone Biles Have

The gymnast Simone Biles has, no doubt to your knowledge, completely monopolised the web. Correctly so! The Olympian won the gold medal in the individual all-around competition and won the hearts of the globe with her out-of-this-world floor routines.

There are rumoured to be FOUR German Shepherds in her household. They’re known by the monikers Maggie, Atlas, Bella, and Lily.

How Many German Shepherds Does Simone Biles Have

How Many German Shepherds Does Simone Biles Have

Simone Biles said on Instagram on Friday that a German Shepherd had bitten her. The 24-year-old Olympic athlete posted a video showing her wound and explaining that she needed a tetanus shot as a result.

Even still, Simone Biles made it apparent that she was no stranger to German Shepherds, and she stressed that this was the first time she had seen a situation like this.

She captioned her Instagram Story post with, “I’ve grown up with German shepherds my whole life and never got bit.” It’s not today, the farm dog said. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has revealed a terrifying personal story.

The 24-year-old Olympic gymnast posted a video to her Instagram Story on Friday detailing a frightening incident she had with a German Shepherd. Earlier this week, Simone Biles stated that a German Shepherd “just shouted NOT TODAY” and bit her.

Bill posted a video showing his audience a close-up of her injuries, which included a large gash on her index finger and several lesser scrapes and wounds.

Simone Biles Shows Injuries After Being Bitten by German Shepherd

The Olympic gymnast posts photographs of her wounds online after being bitten by a German Shepherd.

The gymnast Simone Biles used social media to reassure her fans that she was doing great after getting bitten by a German Shepherd on a farm. It seems that the 24-year-old Olympic gold medallist was in good spirits when she posted a video of her minor wounds to her Instagram stories on Friday.

She remarked, “Here’s an update on my finger that the dog bit me,” before displaying her injuries to the camera. Simone Biles reported that, thankfully, she did get medical attention after the bite. I got a tetanus shot,” Simone Biles wrote above video of herself with many cuts on her finger.


Olympian Simone Biles is the proud owner of four German shepherds. Simone Biles has two French bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo, so she is no stranger to canines.

Additionally, her family has had several German Shepherds, including Lily, Atlas, Maggie, and Bella. Sadly, Simone Biles revealed the deaths of her two German Shepherds on Instagram. Simone Biles expressed her sorrow over their passing with heartfelt social media tributes.


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