10+ ‘High Paying Online Jobs Without an Investment’

High Paying Online Jobs Without an Investment

Who might have thought that someday will come when we can work online and earn high. We are dependent online for many things like shopping, ordering food, purchasing furniture online, and many other things. And now we can earn online too.

The process of making money has changed rapidly. The ideology of online jobs has become so popular. You can now find many jobs online, and most of them are trustworthy. Because of this, covid-19 most of the firms have started their careers online.

High Paying Online Jobs Without an Investment

It indeed has affected the industry, but it also gave a new evolution to have online jobs. Work from home is the best option in this covid-19 phrase. You can stay safe and earn at the same time.

In this article, you will know about online jobs and paying a high stipend without any investment.

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10+ High Paying Online Jobs Without an Investment

Check them out.

1. Social Media Manager

There are many job offers related to social media. The work is also worth doing. Many people use social media for updations these days. It has so much scope, and the income is also high. There are many apps where you can promote the brand, products, fashion styles, and many more.

Social media is the key to promotions and making the public aware of new trends happening around. For example, businesses will target social media for their advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

You can also issue articles to spread the information in detail. You can apply for social media jobs on websites like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and many more. 

2. Online Tutor

Before, we use to have physical tuitions, but now we can study virtually also. Education has given more priority than before. Making education available even at home is a great idea to progress. Many online tutors are skilled and trained in subjects.

You can start your own channel or create a video in apps like Udemy, YouTube, Chegg tutor, and many more are there to begin your teaching and earn. They will provide you with complete knowledge. These online tutors are available for all kinds of subjects and courses.

Now you can learn from home also. During this covid-19, I have noticed that most of the students prefer to study from these online tutors as the explanation was crystal clear to understand. You can also clear the doubts.

3. Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper is related to finance. A bookkeeper has a lot of tasks and responsibilities of recording the incomes, expenses, financial reports, etc. If you are a finance expert, then this job is best for you. It can be risky, but the earning is high.

Your work in this will be to keep track of the financial transactions happening in the company. Analyze if the business is investing in the right asset. It’s all about profit and loss in the company. So you have to be very careful.

You can work for MNC(Multi-National Companies) and earn lakhs. If you are new in this field and want to gain some practical knowledge, try to work for local companies. You can apply for this job on websites like Indeed, Flex jobs. 

4. Personal Trainer

If you have experience in the gym and have all the equipment types, you train to others online. You can be their personal trainer and earn. In this way, you can also grab other clients and teach them too.

You can provide them with the best coaching. It will be very convenient for you and for the people who are following your videos and tips. You can motivate the people to stay fit and also clear their doubts.

Apart from video uploading, you can also train your clients through video calls on Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom apps. As many people are seeking to get fit, you can quickly reach clients and earn high. You can apply for this job on Glassdoor, Indeed.

5. Online Beauty Advisor

Girls like to apply makeup and look beautiful, but many girls don’t know how to use the products. In such cases, they can watch online videos of beauty advisors and try to use the products. Or they can also book online, and the staff will come home to do the makeup.

If you are confused about products, as there are many, then you can watch videos. The beauty advisors will give you genuine advice on the products. The advisors will share their knowledge and experience so you can go according to it.

Usually, the earning is good in an online beauty advisor, but during the marriage seasons, you can make high as many people will choose to take advice on beauty. Indeed, Simplyhired, ZipRecrutier, and many more are such apps where you can find jobs and earn high. 

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is also an excellent job with a decent position. You can do the work as assigned to you, and you will get the simple tasks related to office work. You have to finish them before time. In other words, the boss will give you the instructions and you have to follow them.

You can apply online for this job. With basic knowledge also you can do this job. The pay is also decent at first, and then you can expect a hike as you gain experience. However, it seems like a simple job; the responsibilities are equal to other jobs.

This position is required in the company as many works are happening in a company. An assistant can look after the small tasks whereas the boss can look after the other prominent positions. 

7. Online Recruiter

There were times when the recruiter was only in the office. Their work was possible only in offices. But due to this covid-19 companies made it possible to work from anywhere possible. You can apply for this and work from home.

The earning is also good enough. Your job as a recruiter is to fulfill the vacancies in the offices. They are looking at the employees’ potential and hiring them for the position if they are worth it.

As it is an online job, you need to be smart and intelligent to analyze the person’s potential towards the work by the way they talk, as it will be a telephonic interview. You can also take the interviews in video camera through Zoom and Skype. 

8. Email Marketer

You can work as an Email Marketer for the companies. If your work is excellent, then they can hire you full-time too. Very few people know about the Email Marketer’s job. It is one of the rare fields to choose from.

So it will be an advantage for you as there will be less competition in this type of job. If you are an expert in this, then there are many companies waiting to hire you. You can work online for this job. PeoplePerHour, LinkedIn is such websites where you can apply for this job.

9. Data Entry Worker

The work of a Data Entry Worker is also for the people who don’t have much education. They will provide you with the best training and let you work. The salary is also high in this field. The work will be flexible, and you can do this job from home.

There are many open positions available today. The advantage of this specific job is that you can work part-time or full-time. You can apply for this job in Indeed, Internshala, Monster, Glassdoor, and many more. It’s work-related to Ms. Excel and Ms. Word Doc.

It’s a skilled computer job. It is also suitable for the women who are always into household work. A little knowledge about the computer can settle your life. 

10. Freelance Writer

Writing requires a lot of skills. It is not as easy as it looks. Many people try to start to work in writing but end up failing. You expect so much brainstorming. A freelance writer has the most fantastic scope when compared to other jobs.

It would help if you were creative, self-thinking, ideological, and intelligent enough to write any topic given. You can write an article on blogs, websites, journals, magazines, etc. There is so much demand these days for the best writers.

You can work from home for any company you like and earn more. There are many websites where you can apply for writing. Some of them are WordPress, Internshala, flex jobs, etc.

11. Proofreader

Proofreading is quite different from a freelance writer. You have to go through the article or blogs and identify the mistakes. If you are brilliant in English grammar, errors, and sentence formations, this job is best. You can find many companies hiring people for this job.

You can work online and submit your work as instructed. Mails, documents, contents, and many more that has the matter in them need proofreading. You can help the companies to correct their issue, suggest correcting the errors, and make the content look professional.

12. Website Designer

There is massive scope for Website Designer. You can get many projects for this job. Many companies are eager to hire the best website designers. You can work for any company let it be local or international. The earning is terrific in this job. You can quickly build your career in this job.

If you are in a part-time category, you can apply to other companies and earn extra. If your work is excellent, then you can get a full-time permanent job too. Your work in this field is to design the websites of the company you apply for. 

13. Customer Service Representatives

It was impossible to believe that we can work from home as a customer service representative. But covid-19 proved to us that we could do it. There are many vacancies for this field online.

As you can do this work online, the companies expanded this department to satisfy the customers’ best services. This job is open for everyone. It would help if you had a degree, and you can apply for this job.

Most of the freshers prefer to work in customer service. The earning is also high in this field. There are incentives and promotions too. You can apply for this job on websites like Indeed, Monster, and many more.

Not only the local companies but the branded companies also require to have a department of customer service. So don’t miss the opportunity to get this job at the best company. 

14. Instagram Influencer

You can influence your followers on Instagram. Many people are doing this job and earning money. During the lockdown, many people came up with motivational videos and pages to influence others.

There are many things to influence people like clothes, makeup, cooking, or new routine hacks. You can pick up anything to influence your followers. An Instagram influencer is ultimately an online job to do. You can also get more projects from companies to showcase their products. 

15. Transcriptionist

If you have the best listening skills, then, believe me, this is the best job for you. The company will provide you with some audios, and you have to listen carefully. Convert that audio into the text and submit it.

Transcriptionist is simple; you have to be meticulous to give your best in text. It will all about working online, so you can apply for this job and work from home. 

16. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers have so much scope in their careers. There are many opportunities to work as graphic designers. The pay will be high. If you don’t know about this field, then there are many sources from where you can learn it.

Graphic Designing is prevalent in every country. Once you learn, it will be beneficial to you forever. The pay for graphic designing is higher than in other fields. You can apply for this job on Indeed, Linked In, Monster, and in many more apps.

Many companies are looking forwards to hire the best graphic designers. If you are good at graphic designing, then online working is the best option for you. 

17. Website Tester

Once the website gets created, it is also essential to test it before making it accessible to others. Knowing how the website works and is it flexible will hire people who can try the website and suggest the errors before itself.

If you know about the website, then you can apply for this job. The earning is reliable too. 

18. Stock Photographer

I know you must be thinking that how can photography be an online job. Well, Stock Photographer is an online job. Once you are done with the shooting, you can edit the pictures accordingly and sell them online.

Or you can promote your talent on social media and get other projects. All these editing, posting, and advertising are a part of an online job. It would help if you worked hard to get famous.

Once you are famous, you can start earning a perfect amount even in a little group. You can collaborate with other people to get some popularity and projects.

The netting in photography is excellent. You can change the category if you are not good at the present one. There are many options in photography to do. 

19. Online Moderator

Due to digital communities and chat rooms, the demand for online moderators is high, and many companies look forward to such workers. The pay is also good.

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The jobs that I have mentioned below are the trending jobs in today’s life. You can earn a high amount as the need for this position is also essential. All these are online jobs, and you can work from home.


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