What is ‘HEIC To JPG’ And How to Convert it Into JPG


Apple updated the default photo format for the iPhone and iPad with iOS 11. HEIC, short for High Efficiency Image File Format, is the new standard photo format, replacing the ubiquitous JPG.

This format provides superior compression while maintaining great image quality, allowing you to save more photos in the same amount of space on your mobile device.

When you need to see or share your images online, you can easily switch back to saving them as JPGs. Learn how to accomplish it on your iPhone, Mac, or PC.

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What is HEIC Format?

High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC) is a file format used to store images that is both lower in size and higher in quality than the widely-used JPEG image format. Apple released iOS 11 in 2017 alongside this new image file format in an effort to cut down on the amount of space photos take up on iOS devices.

Hence, Apple has made HEIC the default image format for all iOS devices. You can recognize a HEIC file by its extension (.heic or.heics), which always includes compressed data and picture metadata. The only real problem to the HEIC file format is that it is only supported by Apple products.

Is HEIC Better than JPG?

When it comes to compressing images into a small file size while maintaining high quality, HEIC is clearly superior to JPG. Problems arise while trying to determine which apps and devices are compatible with HEIC.

Although though HEIC is gaining popularity among programmers, it has not yet become as widespread as the more established JPG format.

Why Convert a HEIC File to JPG?

HEIC files can save your photos in compact files without sacrificing quality, but they aren’t supported by any non-Apple devices out of the box. You’ll need dedicated viewer software if you want to see them on a personal computer.

While JPGs can be seen on any device or web browser, their image quality can be reduced when they are compressed or significantly modified. To make your image viewable by more people, the most common reason to change the format from HEIC to JPG is so that you can send it to them.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows PC

You may use the Photos app on your Windows PC to convert any HEIC photographs you may have imported from your iPhone or iPad to JPG format.

Step 1: To open a HEIC file in Photos, first right-click the file and choose Open with from the menu.

Step 2: Choose Save as from the option that appears after clicking “See more” (the three horizontal dots) in the top menu.

Step 3: Then, choose “.jpg (*.jpg)” from the “Save as type” menu.

Step 4: Choose to store the file.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone

If you would rather not deal with HEIC files, you can switch your mobile device to the JPG format.

Step 1: To begin, launch the iPhone’s Settings application.

Step 2: Choose Most Compatible from the Camera’s Format menu.

Nevertheless, you can have your cake and eat it too by saving space on your device by using HEIC and having your photos converted to JPG format automatically when you send them to your computer.

Step 1: Then, access the iPhone’s Settings menu.

Step 2: Choose the Gallery option.

Step 3: Next, select Automatic under the “Transfer to Mac or PC” heading.

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

Don’t worry about this if you have your iPhone or iPad set to convert photos to JPG when syncing with your Mac; but, if you already have HEIC photos on your Mac, you can convert them there. Preview is the simplest of various programs that handle HEIC and allow you to convert them to JPG.

Step 1: First, launch Preview and load the HEIC image you wish to convert.

Step 2: Go to the File menu and choose Export.

Step 3: Select “JPEG” from the Format drop-down.

Step 4: Choose to store the file.

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You may have come upon a HEIC file on your computer and wondered what it was or how you could change its format. It’s possible that some programs won’t be able to open files saved in the HEIC format, and it’s also possible that sharing such files isn’t the best option.

While HEIC files can be easily transferred between iPhones and Macs, not all mobile devices or PCs are compatible with them. But, you can quickly and easily convert HEIC photographs to JPGs so that you can send them to anyone, regardless of the device they use.

Keep reading to find out the five-step process for converting HEIC to JPG. Pictures taken with an iPhone or a Mac will be saved in the High Efficiency Image Container (HEIC) format. It can save high-quality photographs while requiring relatively little space.


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