Best ‘Board Meeting Software’ For Board Management Online


As of the year 2022, these are the absolute top picks for board meeting applications. It includes the top 10 digital board meeting apps as well as some more free digital board meeting apps.

Questions often asked about virtual board meeting tools are answered as well. Recruitment, operating strategies, and expansion goals are all discussed in detail at board meetings.

You can’t do this effectively without reliable digital board meeting software that facilitates the aforementioned business needs and permits remote team participation and document officiation.

In this piece, I’ll go over the top 10 board meeting software options available today, all of which can enable you have productive virtual board meetings from anywhere in the world.

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Best Board Meeting Software For Board Management Online

Here are some best board meetingg software:

1. Zeck

Zeck provides a cutting-edge board meeting software solution to help businesses make the most of their board meetings, which are increasingly held virtually or in a hybrid format. Zeck changes your boring old board deck into a dynamic, time-saving website, saving you hours of frustration and stress every board meeting.

A traditional board deck can take hours to prepare and is notoriously difficult to read on a mobile device. Zeck is a mobile-friendly, adaptable framework that brings to the surface the most important ideas in order to facilitate productive board meetings.

“Zecks” are websites that take the place of a typical “board deck,” but they are even more visually appealing and contain a wealth of interactive and current communication tools.

You can get more out of your board meetings if you make the experience more interesting for the attendees, turning them from dry lectures into fruitful strategic conversations with plenty of witty back and forth.

2. Boardable

Boardable is a software as a service that has monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment options. It’s entirely web-based, so you can access it from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Without resorting to emails or phone conversations, you may offer meeting times within the app and receive a summary of responses. Meeting reminders, agendas, and polls may all be monitored and participated in with ease.

The minutes section allows you to keep track of what was discussed at a meeting. The minutes of a meeting can be used to add new items and assign new responsibilities.

Boardable is compatible out of the box with popular calendar programs including iCal, Microsoft, and Google Calendar. You can get organized quickly with the help of Boardable’s premade agenda templates. Schedules can be shared with the group via PDF export.

3. OnBoard

Taking advantage of OnBoard’s minutes builder, attendance can be tracked, tasks can be created, and notes can be made all inside the same platform, freeing you up to focus on the meeting at hand.

You can use the meeting’s engagement analytics function to see which documents are being read and which parts of the meeting are most conducive to taking notes.

Sending and signing papers using eSignatures in OnBoard may be done from any device, eliminating the need to download a separate eSignature software and ensuring that all necessary documents are approved in a timely manner.

4. Parabol

Free and open-source, Parabol is designed specifically for use at board meetings for smaller companies. So that everyone on the team can feel safe providing honest critiques of the work, the team can use this tool to do just that.

To keep everyone interested, try multiplayer grouping (forming smaller groups of team members to discuss issues and resolve conflicts). New hires can be welcomed and encouraged to join in on the fun by highlighting them in icebreakers.

To ensure that everyone is in the loop, you can also generate meeting summaries. In order to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, anyone can add things to the agenda either before or during the meeting.

Next steps can be added to the agenda and shared with project management software like Jira and GitHub. Aside from this, Parabol also has native Slack integration.

5. DiligentESG

Diligent is a platform that facilitates the distribution of materials for board meetings and provides a portal for corporate board directors to access governance tools. A central document repository allows you to easily add, modify, and delete files.

Documents can be annotated, and board meeting minutes can be added, without much hassle. The software can be used on a computer, or on an Android or iOS mobile device.

Devoted boards also provide assistance with governance tools, such as agenda development and attendance tracking, outside of the scope of board meetings.

Information and analytics about the industry and the company, along with tailored news and director resources, are provided to the board to aid in decision making. There are no listed integrations for Diligent at this time.

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With the help of board management software, board members, CEOs, and other key personnel may maintain order, make quick decisions, and coordinate their efforts toward a common goal.

Agendas, files, notes, calendars, and contacts may all be accessed with the help of these collaborative tools to better prepare for and carry out company meetings. It is possible to upload files to the workspaces and provide users varying degrees of access to those files based on their roles and permissions.

Executive teams, such as the board or parent committee of a large company, frequently use these methods to get things done. Tools for structured or team collaboration that encourage participation from employees or participants at varied levels of power can be used in tandem with board management software.


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