All You Need To Know Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 combines cutting-edge design with innovative technology to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. The watch’s LTPO AMOLED screen makes for easy, relaxed viewing.

The aluminum construction of this smartwatch makes it both slim and durable. As it only weighs about 40 grams and is waterproof, the watch is also very comfortable to wear. The Apple Watch can serve as a fitness motivator.

Apple Watch Series 4

Calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, quality of sleep, and total sleep time can all be recorded. In addition, Apple’s iOS is powering the smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG Feature Releases

The electrocardiogram (ECG) feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 measures your heart’s electrical pulses to assess your heart’s health and provide a rough benchmark for your general well-being.

The US Food and Drug Administration has given their blessing, but it is not yet available to the public. But now it is, and iPhone users with Apple Watch Series 4 can download an update and try it out.

Simply launch the app on your Apple Watch Series 4, hold your finger on the Digital Crown until the measurement is complete, and you’re good to go.

Design and Display

The display on the new Apple Watch Series 4 is 30 percent bigger, and it comes in two sizes (40mm and 44mm). The updated modular watch face also features enhanced textual and visual displays.

Customers may check their stocks and heart rates, follow their favorite teams’ scores, know when their flights are leaving, and much more. The Series 4 is available in silver, gold, and space gray anodized aluminum.

In addition to silver and space black stainless steel, the Series 4 is also available in gold stainless steel with a Milanese band. The new bands are compatible with all previous generations of Apple Watch.

Specs and Battery

Apple’s next-gen S4 CPU is a 64-bit dual-core chip that’s supposed to be twice as fast as the one in your current iPhone. The accelerometer and gyroscope can capture motion data eight times faster and have double the dynamic range.

Nonetheless, the Apple Watch Series 4 still offers the same 18-hour, all-day battery life as its predecessors. Apple now allows for six hours of outdoor workouts, complete with GPS monitoring for extended bike rides.

Software and Special Health Features

Apple’s new WatchOS 5 software is preinstalled on the Series 4 Apple Watch. It has a number of enhancements, including better tracking of your fitness and health, a walkie-talkie feature, and more.

The Series 4 also includes a plethora of supplementary health features. By evaluating wrist trajectory and impact acceleration, it can now recognize when you have fallen. Then, it will dial 911 automatically. If you remain motionless for more than a minute, the SOS feature will activate, calling and texting your emergency contacts.


Apple made numerous modifications to the internal construction of the Apple Watch Series 4, as evidenced by iFixit’s usual teardown, including new buttons and a slimmer display. The Taptic engine, for example, is shorter yet longer than its predecessor to maximize storage capacity.

Instead of the distinct hole seen on the Series 3, the barometric sensor has been moved into the speaker grille. The Series 4’s battery has a little higher capacity than the Series 3’s, increasing from 1.07 to 1.113 watt-hours despite the slimmer case.

Apple Watch Series 4 Pricing

The fourth generation Apple Watch became available for preorder on September 14, 2018, with shipments beginning on September 21. Prices began at $399 for a model with GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, and $499 for a model with cellular connectivity.

Apple Watch Hermes begins at $1,249, while the cheapest Nike+ model costs $399. Apple has discontinued selling it.


The Apple Watch Series 4 used to be the best available smartwatch. It was superseded by the Apple Watch 5 and then the brand-new Apple Watch 7. Still, the watchOS 8 update is reason enough to pick up a reconditioned Series 4 if the price is right.

It’s true that you won’t have access to everything found on the most advanced Apple Watch models. The original Apple Watch was released in 2015 as more of a luxury item than a need to complement the iPhone.

Nevertheless, Apple eventually realized that the watch’s location — on a person’s body — afforded it advantages that the phone would never have.

The optical heart rate sensor made it possible to get notifications in the event of a dangerously high heart rate, giving patients the knowledge they needed to seek medical attention. The potential of the watch was exposed.


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