A. Guglia Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Guglia Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Annie Guglia, a Canadian skateboarder, comments on her whirlwind trip to Tokyo.

Montreal skateboarder Annie Guglia had only a little time to experience Tokyo, but she made the most of it.

A. Guglia Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Guglia Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 30-year-old arrived in Tokyo on a Saturday and found out she was an Olympian just then; hence, she did not have particularly high hopes for the women’s street event. At the Ariake Urban Sports Park, Guglia had only one opportunity to put in training.

She commented, after coming in 19th place out of 20, “I discovered with 36 hours notice that I would participate in the tournament.” I tried to have fun and do the best I could.

Guglia Claimed that she had “one Hundred Percent” fun despite the Outcome.

I mean, I couldn’t ask for much more than to be here and to make history as Canada’s first female Olympian in skateboarding.

Guglia was afraid about getting hurt because of her lack of preparation, jet lag, and the time difference, but she managed to avoid any serious consequences. She was able to see the victory of Momiji Nishiya of Japan from the stands.

Skateboarding’s first Olympic champion, Nishiya was inspired to follow in the footsteps of her compatriot Yuto Horigome.

To put it Mildly, Guglia’s Olympic Journey was Improbable.

Although finishing in 24th place at the World Championships in June disqualified her from Olympic contention, she had accepted this result. She had not prepared herself for the events that had transpired over the previous week.

She received a call on Wednesday at around 5 a.m., instructing her to complete COVID-19 testing immediately so that she could travel to Tokyo as a backup. She had just landed in Japan and was waiting in line to take another test when she was informed that one of her competitors had dropped out.

She considered the course to be “extra,” despite the fact that she had little time to adjust to it.

She has Hardly Touched down when she begins Making Preparations to Return home.

“It stinks, because of COVID I don’t have time to admire the village,” she moaned. To paraphrase, “I was too busy.”

Guglia is not thinking about her future in the sport at this time.

Guglia hasn’t decided if she’ll try to keep running until the Paris Olympics in 2024, but she’s taking a month off after she returns from Tokyo.


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